Fable III To Include 47 Hours of Dialogue

NowGamer is at Develop, and has learned that Fable III will feature 47 hours of dialogue

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lzim2995d ago

so barking, burps and farts count as lines of dialog? (yes, yes they do)

Bloodraid2995d ago

Erm, what?

On topic: Sweet Jesus that is a lot of dialog.

tinybigman2995d ago

after the incredibly boring fable 2

tinybigman2995d ago

don't care who agrees/disagrees with me i wasted $60 on part 2 when i could have used it for another game, or something more productive. i'm done with Peter M and his series. Lost Odyssey was 10x better then fable 2 with a way more interesting story and characters.

Christopher2995d ago

Agree with you tinybigman. Was thoroughly disappointed with the second game. They would need a revamp of most of the gameplay elements to get me back into the franchise. Just not the type of game I'm interested in, didn't even care for the storyline.

thesithfreak2995d ago

Fable 2 90% sucked, 10% gimmick.

Folezicle2994d ago

I think I won't pre-order Fable 3, but if it gets good feedback it is a buy.. But yeh nothing can been Lost Odyssey, I reckon it is probably the best exclusive on the 360..

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TheSadTruth2995d ago

Who cares about disagrees. PS3 fanboys will make sure everyone else doesn't have any anyways.

Back to Fable:

Lionhead is trash. Their graphics engine and tech hasn't progressed since Black & White and they have unlimited funds from Microsoft that they can't seem to do anything with. You can say gameplay > graphics, or that the game has a "british charm" instead of good graphics. The fact is, the gameplay is also botched and always has an unfinished and unpolished feel to it.

Here's a british idiom for you: Fable is rubbish.

absolutecarnage2995d ago

I'm thats your opinion, I for one enjoy fable series and will be buying fable 3

tinybigman2995d ago

but how do you know if its PS3 fanboys disagreeing with me, it could be people who like fable?

thesithfreak2995d ago

and i wasted a full 60 bucks on that piece of crap. as well as the boring, clunky, and ugly Fallout 3. Oblivion and Demon's Souls were the only 2 truly fantastic RPG's this entire generation. i enjoyed two worlds more than fallout 3

Darkstorn2995d ago

Even as a PS3 fanboy, I'm incredibly excited for this game. Of course, I'll be getting it on PC...

Folezicle2994d ago

Nice to see you not hassling us with nasty comments about Microsoft that we've heard in the past, I give you bubbles for voicing your actual opinion, unlike others who would refuse to buy any game that was released by Microsoft.

Keep being open-minded, and we can get rid of trolling people.

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Wizziokid2995d ago

Nothing will impress me as much as Bioware did, Star Wars: The Old Republic being the first fully voiced MMO, that's going to be crazy!

a lot of dialogue is a good thing though, mashes up the game a bit and stops it from getting old and stale.

nikkisixx22995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I know we all care about a good story line and plot, but WTF.

Nobody wants to sit through all that.

edit: lol their are some butt-hurt fable fans disagreeing with everyone xD

bumnut2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

so you want all characters to respond the same when you speak to them?

id rather have variety personally

Elven62995d ago

RPG fans don't want to sit through an engaging storyline with tons of dialog?

Have I been playing them wrong all this time?

ChronoJoe2995d ago

Engaging storyline? You've never played a Lionhead title before. They have good stuff, usually gameplay - but never anything surpassing a rudimentary plot.

T9X692995d ago

"Nobody wants to sit through all that."

I take it you never played MGS4 then.

bumnut2995d ago

"lol their are some butt-hurt fable fans disagreeing with everyone xD"

with a comment like that you make yourself look foolish

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J-Smith2995d ago

that sounds like being bored out of your mind being locked in a room with peter molyneux LoL

PS3Freak2995d ago

hmmm... so i guess we should all call this a movie... erm, i mean a book ;).

Bloodraid2995d ago

You act as though dialog and story are a bad thing.

PS3Freak2995d ago

Twas a joke. I love story, RPGs are my favorite genre. Just making a joke based on a certain game having alot of cut scenes way back when.

Bloodraid2995d ago

I see, I see.

Which game?

- Heavy Rain?
- Metal Gear Solid 4?

nycredude2995d ago


A lot of dialog and a boring story makes a really bad thing.

Bloodraid2995d ago

And why do you assume the story is boring?

MGS4 had shit loads of dialog/cutscenes/story yet it's one of the highest rated games this generation of consoles.

asyouburn2995d ago

the thing about mgs4 is the stroy was good, just like mgs3 and any other mgs before it. fable's storylines have always been shite. no reason to believe number 3 will be any different

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