NowGamer Hands-On Preview: Dance Central (Kinect)

NowGamer's hands-on preview with Harmonix title Dance Central on Xbox 360 Kinect

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facelike2780d ago

"They’ve governed your guitar, dominated your drums and liberated your larynx, now Harmonix wants your entire body. Not content with band simulation in Rock Band, the developer has followed Ubisoft’s example with Just Dance and created Dance Central. However, cast aside any illusions that this is a throwaway title rammed to the gills with patronising gameplay and gimmicks. Instead, it’s quite confidently the most technically proficient and enjoyable dance game yet, and serves as a superb showcase of what Kinect is capable of."

This sound more like the beginning to an advertisement rather than a preview. Molyneux probably wrote it.

fastrez2780d ago

Have you played it? That's my question to you.

If not, how can you make any assumptions about it or have any sort of educated opinion?

facelike2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Im not criticizing the game, I'm criticizing the writing of the article. Sounds like something Molyneux would say.

This article reads like an advertisement. The guy who wrote this also wrote a few more articles that are real previews, but this article is more of an advertisement.

KingME2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I guess what he's really trying to say is...okay...and your point is?

I agree, so what it sounds like an advertisement, it's talking about the game. Do you have a comment to make about the game? After all that is what the article is about right?

I mean, the instant Molyneux hate came out of nowhere and it was meant to be a slam in your very own little passive aggressive way IMO.

fastrez2780d ago

Ah OK, sorry mate, didn't realise that's what you were referring to, no hard feelings I hope :)

iHEARTboobs2780d ago

I agree with you facelike. And I also don't think fastrez really read what you wrote.

fastrez2780d ago

I apologised didn't I? And I did mean it sincerely.

iHEARTboobs2780d ago

Yeah, I didn't see it when I posted. No worries.

MNicholas2780d ago

but if this works half as well as advertised it's one of the few Kinect games that could go down well with the Halo "Hard core" Dorks.

I can just imagine them pulling this out from deep inside a pile of month old dirty clothes to secretly practice dance moves.

Yet it's something that even old people and kids could enjoy. However, they have to make it work.

If it's glitchy it will turn people off and Kinect will fail completely.

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dtrain212780d ago

Dance Central is gonna be a hot seller..... gamers or not.

peeps2780d ago

Pretty much. Will be interesting to see though because dance games on the wii sell really well because imo it's in a lot of homes where someones sister or mum might pick up a single game and it's a dancing game to use on their brothers, husbands or whatever console.

The problem with dance central however is for a sister to ask her brother to borrow the 360 to play dance central, they also need to own natal. Point being it's a big investment for who i see as being the people that play dance games. Then again i'm not an analyst :P

FragMnTagM2780d ago

When DDR came out it was like a hundred bucks for the mat and the game and they sold like hotcakes. Kinect is a big step up from a dance mat and you are doubting it will sell. Puhlease.

R2D22780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

My daughter was hinting that she wants Kinect the other day. She said that the Wii was so yesterday and that the kids at school are all talking about Kinect and The Beiber - kids these days : )

Edit: Kinect article number 3345437 will be posted on N4G very shortly :)

fastrez2780d ago

The word 'Craze' comes to mind. Will we all be fed up by Kinect a few Christmases down the line, like we did with Wii?

peeps2780d ago

depends what you mean. As 'gamers' most likely, but consumers obviously aren't fed up with the wii just yet...

BillOreilly2780d ago

ms captivated the youth thats why it will be a SMASHING success every girl wants it cause of bieber and kids want the new coll thing. the wii is so yesterday lol christmas will be crazy lots of parents fightin for kinect

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