PS3 Blacklight: Tango Down Delayed

The PS3 version of the AAA first-person shooter is now facing a delay.

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raztad3078d ago

"AAA-first person shooter"? honestly I smell a flop.

MysticStrummer3078d ago

Oh no... now what will we do for our generic mindless FPS fix??? LOL @ "AAA".

nycredude3078d ago

Every game is AAA all of a sudden. This game is going to flop.

"Developed with Unreal Engine 3, Blacklight: Tango Downs looks and plays like a full price AAA game but costs only $15"

Are they serious. FAIL. Looks and play slike a AAA but cost $15? I smell BS.

ddurand13077d ago

I dont know if its AAA but im looking forward to this game.

It should be better than the MOH beta I am playing right now at a quarter of the price. I bet it ships with more maps and gamemodes than MOH as well.

For what this game is, its a bargain.