Bioware Austin Protecting Dev's Quality of Life

Ex: BioWare now has a list of rules and guidelines that the group has put in place to ensure that its developers won’t be deprived of their personal "quality of life."

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Queasy2897d ago

Nothing a little Mountain Dew and Five Hour Power won't solve...

CrAppleton2897d ago

Ah... Mountain Dew.. improving the quality of gamers lives everywhere.. lol

killyourfm2897d ago

It really sounds like they almost take a Google approach to employee appreciation. Good on them!

Neco5122897d ago

Yeah it does, I love it when companies treat their employees like they're actually WORTH something. Very rare these days

DaRockSays2897d ago

Ha! Most companies could care less about anyone who's working there

DA_SHREDDER2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Quality of life? Isn't sitting on your ass in front of a computer in A/C getting paid at least more than minimum wage quality enough? I love it when devs talk about how hard makings games are, yet most of them have never had a job outside of an office building. Gaming devs are some of the biggest pussies I've ever seen.

Whaaaa,, teh ps3 is to hard to make games for. Fuckin fags.

QQcrybaby2897d ago

As someone who used to work for a huge CPA firm, let me tell you that professional "office jobs" bring more stress than the average person can handle. I know it was too much for me after a while.

Unicron2897d ago

Working 90 hour weeks under strict deadlines from the publisher? Give some respect. It's not easy.

Shadowstar2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

For your amusement, remember the last time you worked on something other than rote activity with a few hours of sleep and no downtime-- probably during high school or college. Take that, and imagine it being for months, because many companies crunch for months if they crunch at all. How well do you really work at the end of month one? Is it worth it for a piece of entertainment that, in all likelihood, almost no one will remember in a few years? Now imagine yourself getting older, having a family, missing all your kids' baseball games and school plays and so on. Even if you love the work, you're missing a large part of your life.

Life is more than work, and if you haven't learned that yet... you're probably quite young.

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