Five Underrated PSP Games That You Should Play

The PSP often gets a lot of negative feedback based on an apparent lack of games. That said, if you're willing to dig a little there are a lot of great titles just begging to be played. New England Gamer helps by pointing out a few of them.

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Quagmire2750d ago

Needs more Pursuit Force. loved those games.

stewie328872750d ago

Haven't played those unfortunately. I'll have to check them out!

Greek God2750d ago

i really liked acid 2
acid 1 was combared to 2 bad
i had a lot of fun with 2
of course i bought acid 1 first and thought it was great
but then i bought acid 2 it was so much better
.... XD

raztad2750d ago

There are so many good games on the PSP.

KZ:Liberation is a must play. Its top down isometric view showed how a shooter should be done on the PSP. No camera control means no need for right stick.

Dont know why KZ:L perspective got not more widespread. Playing DeathSpank I can not help but wonder why that game is not on PSP. It fits it very well.

2750d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.
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