Kinect gets product placement

The launch software for the device will feature in-game advertising from MS clients, CVG has been told.

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Wizziokid2924d ago

not really news, alot of sports games have advertisement in them...

Fifa say hi

bjornbear2923d ago

bjornbear pointless comment 1029 -_-

yeah Wizziokid is right, product placement is EVERYWHERE in games nowdays -_- even MGS4! xP

darthv722923d ago

almost every type of game has some sort of product placement advertising in it.

AAACE52923d ago

A lot of people get mad about product placement in games, but to me, it always added to the realism factor. Plus, an ad might be informing you of something you might be interested in anyway!

BlackDynamite2924d ago

Who the hell is interrupting my kung fu?

lzim2924d ago

yeah but these are placements not full blown ads. unless i read it wrong

lzim2924d ago

I'm confused,

1, those avatars look much taller than the squat midgets on the dashboard
2, shouldn't product placements mean MS is making money through advertisement and so be able to sell this software cheaper (I loled)

CrippleH2923d ago

This is Capitalism. The money goes to their pockets not the other way around haha.

jjesso19932923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

its allready been smallville a few months ago look as laggy as ever.

jjesso19932923d ago

lol I state facts and get disagress lol fact 1 its in smallville fact 2 its laggy as shown in the video

jerethdagryphon2923d ago

uh ok 2 things wth happened to smallville?
and yea actually using xbox in a tv show

DuneBuggy2923d ago

Product placement is everywhere. Its like when M&M candies missed the boat in 82'. They were asked if they could be used in a certain movie involving a "cute" alien and refused.
Reeses Pieces sold like hotcakes after E.T. came out.....

flyingmunky2923d ago

The Atari video game based on ET didn't do so hot though. Isn't there an entire landfill filled with those games somewhere?

DuneBuggy2923d ago

Yeah.I read about that somewhere years ago. What a truely awful game that was.

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