FFXIV Dengeki PlayStation Scans/Impressions; 62 Images from 4Gamer

Details about character customization, facial comparisons, etc. Includes six high quality full-page scans.

Also 62 beta test images from 4Gamer.

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Eorzea2899d ago

These are some beautiful scans! Be sure to check them out.

Abriael2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

While the gameplay value of Final Fantasy XIV still has to be demonstrated, I think it's pretty much beyond any reasonable doubt that it's one of the sweetest looking (if not THE sweetest looking) MMORPGs out there.

The character customization is absolutely lovely too.

Though I'm always debaffled to see people entirely willing to break the NDA they signed in order to leak pictures from the beta test.

bobcostus2898d ago

Totally agree. Game looks amazing, and it's still being optimized! I didn't like the alpha combat, it was way too slow, but the new combat in the beta is WAY faster and I think is at a perfect speed at this point.

All I really want to see is perhaps a boss encounter of some kind and/or some high level combat. I've already preordered the collectors edition so I'm getting it regardless :p

Abriael2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

@Shovelface88: if you're in the beta you shouldn't be telling that, you know :P

Anyway, I went as far as buying a brand new geforce 4600 to play this game on maximum detail. It's simply totally worth it from what I've seen so far.

I'm sure we're gonna get plenty disagree quite soon from envious fanboys and people that automatically dismiss MMORPGs as bad games, for some arcane reason.

bobcostus2898d ago

Yeah, some people on N4G are laughable. I couldn't care less about agrees/disagrees, as I rarely post on this site.

Also, I really wish people would give games more of a chance, rather than dismissing them because they aren't on their system of choice or within their favorite genre.

They are really doing themselves and injustice in the end anyway.

I upgraded the hell out of my PC for XIV, sold my 360 and a laptop to do so lol. Now I have a core i5 650 overclocked to hell and an ati 5850 with a 2nd one before release (hopefully). Totally going to be worth it!

Rush2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


I wouldn't worry about upgrade your computer further my computer is only running a core 2 6700 which (although it's a rare overclockers chip) I currently only have running at just under 3ghz.

Am also running 4gig of really slow DD2 ram my BTX mobo (hardcore I know) only supports 677mhz.

And a ATI 4890 and I was able to quite easily run Aion at 1920x1200 with x4 AA, Max settings.

Honestly I can't see FF14 being any harder then Aion to play, Aion was a system hog and my computer handed that fine.

After all Aion runs on the Crysis engine.

Your computer should breeze it.

@Abriael you mean a 460gtx right? not a geforce 4600? that doesn't have a shot in hell of playing FF14

Abriael2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

yeah i meant one of the new GTX 460 1 gig, brain fart on my part ^_^;;;

As for system requirements, FFXIV is indeed quite demanding, at least on paper. I might be wrong, but i think that the minimum reqs are avove Aion's.

Rush2898d ago

Most likely are above Aion's min specs on paper, but Aion's specs are complete and utter bollox even the fastest PC's around can't play it at full speed on max setting in castle sieges xD.

I think FFXIV pace and gameplay style will make the game quite easy to keep a stable FPS.

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AbyssGravelord2898d ago

Can't wait to play this! Though I sill wish it would come on simultaneously on PC and PS3.

OutgoingSquall2898d ago

Are the guys from ff12 working on this? I love that game if they are idc about monthly fees I'm in.

OutgoingSquall2898d ago

I got a disagree stalker lmao.

Kurisu2898d ago

This game really is looking amazing! The characters are so detailed, and the environments are beautiful. The day this game comes out...will be a good day!

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