BioWare Working on a 'Small Scale' Title

Developers of games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, BioWare, are working on a small scale MMO.

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pramath16052779d ago

I hope it's an MMO ME game, that'd be so cool.

Panthers2779d ago

Not if its small scale. An MMO ME game would need to be epic, like TOR that they are working on.

Shubhankar2779d ago

Give me anything BioWare, I'll go for it. I'm a total sucker for BioWare games.

R2D22779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )


Forbidden_Darkness2779d ago

Small scale.... Free to play?

dizzleK2779d ago

start work on ME3. now.

Shubhankar2779d ago


BeaArthur2779d ago

I'm pretty sure they are already working on it.

RagTagBnd4452779d ago

They already did that before Mass Effect 2 was released :P

TrevorPhillips2779d ago

I actually know one of the developers at bioware. I'll ask him myself :)

-MD-2779d ago

And then you'll report back to this article with your inside information.

Or I'll find you.

TrevorPhillips2779d ago

No I promise to god I know someone from bioware.

DelbertGrady2779d ago

I promise to god you work for the hiphopgamer. Thereby, anything you promise should be taken with a grain of salt the size of Jupiter.

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The story is too old to be commented.