Reflections expected Driver: San Francisco story reaction

Ubisoft Reflections has said it anticipated the reaction to the plot of Driver: San Francisco when it was revealed at E3.

The game will see series protagonist Tanner fall into a coma, which will allow him to switch between cars around the city at will. It was met with a mixed reception, which production marketing assistant Adam Lavis said was "pretty much" expected.

"You're announcing a cool game mechanic, which people want to understand - when it’s related to the story, you've got to question it," he said.

"Well, it's not a million miles away from Assassin's Creed or whatever. 'So I'm an assassin but I'm a guy from modern times but I'm sitting in a machine?' It's not the end of what is to be said on this particular subject but in terms of how it relates to the story and what can be expected from the beginning of the plot to the end of the plot, we're quite happy to be saying this is what we're doing."

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Quagmire3072d ago

Interesting concept, lets see how it works.

Cajun Chicken3071d ago

All this needs is Gene Hunt.

Joking aside. How is the player supposed to care about completing missions for fictional people in someone's imagination? I hope it all works out.

Driver's 70's charm and Life on Mars could be a match made in heaven for this franchise. Just the revitalisation it needs. I'm all for Shift, this one sounds like it's going to be the Burnout Paradise of the Driver franchise.