‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update (14th July 2010)

Deathspank. I doubt I’ll ever get to start another blog entry, or any other piece of writing, with that word again (even though it’s a made up compound word, it’s still a valid observation), so I’ll make the most of this. Purely on name alone, this game deserves to be played, however, it’s also a happy coincidence that it’s also a very nifty title. There is death involved, but as yet I’ve found very little spank action. What I have experienced though is a whole lot of fun and I cannot recommend this game highly enough.

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TheMART2902d ago

I'm getting more and more fed up with PS+ EU. Although we made a better start getting the better content, it seems PS+ USA seems to have weekly updates unlike PS+ EU and in USA they get free Qore (normally 25 USD a year) with it.

I mean come on, Europe gets shafted enough already Sony. I paid 50 Euro, aka 60 to 70 USD and I'm thinking about just getting PS+ USA next year for 50 USD and get a better PS+ support AND Qore for free.

Get your act together! Note: I'm happy with what I got for PS+ its just that I think they should make it a more equal service for the money one pays...

Corrwin2902d ago

I think in the US they get PSN+ stuff released every week, whereas in the EU we get everything from the first of the month. I certainly prefer the EU's approach.

However it would be nice to get a subscription to Firstplay included.

Cerberus21252902d ago

I like the U.S. better,Lets say we get the same content in the U.S. and Europa,in Europa you get all at in one shot and thats it,when you get a bit at it time you got something to look forwards to every week.

Corrwin2902d ago

But you still get the same content, and if US and EU had the same content the US would be bitching they only get a 1/4 each month.

Sure it's something to look forward to, but if you get it all at once, what difference does it make. You should look forward to next month's :D

TheMART2902d ago

Uh no, USA has MORE content like I just said. If I would get exactly the same @ day 1 instead of weekly, no problem.

We also don't get Qore for free (worth 25 bucks a year), USA does.

There is more content/items in PS+ USA atm after 3 weeks/updates than the PS+ EU got @ day 1. so... you're all wrong. GO compare how many items there are in both PS+ stores will ya.

Corrwin2902d ago

If you checked out the actual US updates you'd see they were mainly just free avatars and themes, but then you seem like the kind of person that's fooled by weekly updates.

In fact the EU gets more actual content (whereas the US gets more discounted items). Make of that what you will, but the exclusion of Qore from the EU package is no great loss to me - I prefer playing games rather than watch somebody else do it.

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