PS3 Medal of Honor Outpacing Call of Duty

Analysts are stating Call of Duty Black Ops pre-orders are outpacing Modern Warfare 2. As most people know this is great news for COD fans as MW2 broke several sales records and went on to become one of the best selling for all of media. Well thats all great news, but how is Medal of Honor doing?

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dizzleK2928d ago

oh thats bs, everybody knows only 360 owners play shooters, right fellas? /s

Pennywise2928d ago

Bad guessers are stating Call of Duty Black Ops pre-orders are outpacing Modern Warfare 2. /fixed.

These analyst articles are as bad as the question marked title articles.

ColdFire2928d ago

TF2 on PC is still the most fun online shooter around. I've lost interest in the newer ones. TF2 is simply more fun to play. Great community and free updates as well :D

jjesso19932928d ago

nope only 360 owners play glitchly noob fest shooters that look like ps2 game and then pay £40 a year.

Ps3 Owners play one best looking shooters on consoles with free online with no glitches.

HarryMonogenis2928d ago

Your grammar and attempt at Trolling has failed. I award you no points..

120FPS2928d ago

What like Mag (lol), inferior looking multiplats, resistance (lol)?? the only game thats better looking is killzone 2 which controls like the man is carrying yokozuna on his back

Boty2928d ago

Whats the 360 have thats any better? Halo, which controls like your friggin' made of feathers and PowerRanger vomit.

MysticStrummer2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Failed sarcasm. No one ever said 360 owners were the only ones who play shooters. What you are referring to is the well documented fact that for the most part 360 owners only play shooters themselves.

exsturminator012928d ago

It is interesting how well the PS3 Medal of Honor is doing in preorders. I wonder how many will be canceled as the release get's closer. I'm curious to see if the PS3 exclusive content will actually help sales, since it usually is the 360 where shooters sell better.

tinybigman2928d ago

that i'm buying MoH because i want to play the newest version, and it comes with a free copy of Frontline which i loved on the Gamecube. CoD Black Ops will be the last CoD game i buy in the franchise.

Garnett2928d ago

Now that its partly exclusive to PS3 then its automatically good! (at least on here).

We all know that MoH games always suck, every last MoH games sucked, even when IW made them.

gaffyh2928d ago

Wow that is a surprise, although I am getting a little bored of COD, and there hasn't been a MOH for a while, so I might get MOH instead. BUT, Black Ops looks surprisingly good so now I'm torn :(

crematory2928d ago

go for killzone 3 or cod black ops treyarch have change alot of annoying stuff in mw2 ,however if u insist to buy moh i would advice u to wait one month u will see a huge price drop

Hellsvacancy2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Ive bored of BC2, dont like COD, didnt like the MOH beta, whats a boy 2 do? exactly, wait for K3

Edit: I only mentioned K3 coz other than COD and MOH theres not much else cummin out in the way of online shooters, i guess theres Crysis 2, i just need 2 c more of it till i make up my mind weather 2 buy it or not

Double Toasted2928d ago

You went from bland, blander onto wait for blandest? Nah, I'm kidding, KZ3 looks decent...

J-Smith2928d ago

i will wait for killzone 3. i might get moh on ps3 because of the other free ps3 exclusive moh game you get with it. not sure yet tho

jagstatboy2928d ago

get Vanquish to tide you over.

PS3Freak2928d ago

Go back and play Bad Company 1, it's way better than 2.

scar-leg2928d ago

Are you serious? Bad Company 2 is a HUGE leap from Bad Company 1 imo...

Independent_Charles2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

BC 1 felt like you were fireing peas not bullets took ages for to kill anyone plus it didnt have hardcore.

arakouftaian2928d ago

SOCOM 4 will be amazing and most fun shooter this year
and will last for years and next year we will hame the best
FPS ever made KILLZONE 3.

So if you are a shooter lover and love online and co-op this games will
give the best experience ever, with up to 32player multiplayers
on bout games the best community in any game SOCOM and KZ3 with 4players co-op
and SOCOM 4 with 5 player co-op on the full campaign.

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BubblesDAVERAGE2928d ago

Ps3 does have the beta and 360 does not...

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