5 Reasons To Want A New Darkstalkers

Not sure why you should be interested in a new Darkstalkers? Play offers up some of the franchises key selling points for you to consider.

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ElementX2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Ha, I was confused with Darksiders. NVM

Quagmire2931d ago

THQ has announced theyre making a sequel though

ElementX2931d ago

I thought the first one was a lot of fun!

AssassinHD2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I definitely want another Darkstalkers. Anything that has Morrigan in it is ok in my book. I am a sucker for succubi, and I am not ashamed to admit that.

2931d ago
Acquiescence2931d ago

Morrigan makes my tallywacker sneeze.

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The story is too old to be commented.