BioWare on a Mission for Quality - But Not Necessarily on Consoles

“Making games is hard. I’ve always wanted to write that on a slide,” said Dr Greg Zeschuck this morning. Addressing the Develop Conference in Brighton, England, BioWare Austin’s General Manager discussed the company’s approach to game development, claiming that despite the difficulties, BioWare was founded with the objective of always making the absolute highest quality of games.

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lzim2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I keep seeing these indications that some devs would be happier shucking so-so content on consoles as long as it was to their liking but they aren't keen on optimizing the experience to each console. maybe if they were more powerful....

“Striving to do AAA console development right now is the wrong goal for most developers.” Given that BioWare’s latest game was the hyper-cinematic, big-budget Mass Effect 2, this might seem like an odd statement to make – but then Zeschuck probably hopes that BioWare isn’t “most developers” anyway."

... so that hyper cinematic actually applies like it would for a game like Uncharted 2 which rightly was marketed as a cinematic experience. but saying it shouldn't be a focus for others looking to make money, especially on PS3, and with bluray so they can encode proper 1080p video, is ridiculous.

Jason1432744d ago

I buy thier games on pc over my consoles for the simple fact of free mods and user created content down the line. consoles dont have either. bioware is not my fav anymore, imo they got greedy and skimped on being original.