Eurogamer Interview: Tim Schafer calls Bobby Kotick "a total prick"

Eurogamer writes: "Tomorrow, Double Fine Productions CEO Tim Schafer will deliver a keynote presentation to the Develop Conference in Brighton. He's set to discuss the studio's ten year anniversary, presumably with reference to hit titles Psychonauts and Brutal Legends.

But before all that kicks off, Eurogamer sat down with Schafer for a more general chat. Read on to find out about his favourite films, his favourite games, his attitude to Bobby Kotick and his view on holodecks."

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Yi-Long3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Kudos to Tim! :)

Bobby and Activision are the cancer of the videogame-industry!

Activision is just all about stealing ideas, DLC-milking and scamming, and standing in the way of innovation because they prefer to just milk existing ideas and brands.

Anyone who truly LOVES gaming, should never give Activision a cent again! Instead fo Guitar Hero, buy Rock Band. Instead of spending money on Modern Warfare or those ridiculous mapathy mappack (SCAM!), spend that money on Battlefield or another worthy online shooter.

Activision knows absolutely SHIT about gaming and gamers. They just know how to exploit them to make a profit.

Shang-Long3072d ago

this just in reports Bobby Kotick wins 2010 biggest douche in the universe

Conloles3072d ago

BABY KILLER is more suitable

Blacktric3072d ago

I can't believe them. They are one of the biggest companies and yet they are acting like jerks. Is Bobby Kotick trying to prove that gamers will buy their games even when they act like that? I mean every company wants consumers' money. Some release unnecessary crappy products and promote them as we really need them but I've never saw a company CEO that goes on public and says; "we are going to take fun out of making games and our aim is to sell more gaming peripherals. Oh and we are raising the price of one of our most anticipated games.". This is like shooting yourself in the foot.

edhe3072d ago

"Activision knows absolutely SHIT about gaming and gamers. They just know how to exploit them to make a profit."

Pointless contradictory sentence. Activision knows what they're doing, and Kotick sits at the top making sure they squeeze the business out of everything to make the shareholders happy.

What activision need to do imo is ramp up the marketing for all their other titles - like singularity. and branch out. They can't rely on 2-3 franchises for ever.

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BlackDynamite3072d ago

Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery!

CarlosX3603072d ago

I read his comment on how Kotick he said that he has an obligation to shareholders, true. But like Tim said, Kotick doesn't have to be a dick about making more money. And he's right. The problem with Kotick is that he is being a dick about adding MORE to a game that has made his company a lot of profits. And I think that's more than enough. Don'tcha think so, Bobby? Or is it that you don't give two craps about the industry? Where's the passion in your leading Activision? Hmm?

moparful993072d ago

What also blows my mind is how people still buy those retarded map packs at 15 bucks a pop even though activision wont fix the game.. I've never played a more broken online experience in my life. Glitchers, boosters, unbalanced, laggy, horrible servers... 60 bucks I wish I could have back.. But instead they are making black ops and they are going to rake in the cash from that game as well and not give a damn about us...

Baka-akaB3072d ago

seriously the way those cod fans are treated with the dlcs and the support of the game , is basically a whole new meaning of "being a sheep"

edhe3072d ago

Why are you expecting to be catered for?

Honest question - do you think they owe you anything?

"Glitchers, boosters, unbalanced, laggy, horrible servers" All of these are outside their control - the game's balanced enough with dozens of weapons & perks.

Hang on - i'll phone the whaaaaAAAAAAAmbulance* for you.

*old joke being reused for younger population. All rights reserved.

Game-ur3072d ago

Tim Schafer on Bobby Kotick: He could go to an industry that makes more money. Ball bearings... Something that suits his passions more. Weapons manufacturing?

DaBadGuy3072d ago

I want to give Tim Schafer 2 daps. 1 for Brutal Legend, and another for this. I love this. It's good to know that it's not just the gamers and consumers that hate Kotick.

BYE3072d ago

Now let me go buy Brutal Legend just to support your statement.

moparful993072d ago

Lol he made me want to go buy that game to just because he's genuine.

edhe3072d ago

For the price it's at now you can buy 3.

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