Hydro Thunder Hurricane Price Announced

Following the announcement of a release date last week, Microsoft Game Studios and developer Vector Unit have announced the price of Hydro Thunder Hurricane, the Xbox LIVE Arcade-exclusive sequel to the legendary Midway speedboat racing arcade game. Hydro Thunder Hurricane is the first official sequel to the classic Midway hit Hydro Thunder, which splashed into arcades and consoles over ten years ago.

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FreeFalling2956d ago

I remember playing this game in the arcades :] 4- Player split screen and online games don't come often anymore, I might buy this


Hydro Thunder for Dreamcast (and PS1) was my favorite game for sooooo long! Sucks this new version is 360 exclusive, as I no longer have a 360.

Merivigian2956d ago

I was just about to post that >.< I remember wanting to play this rather than those Fast and the Furious rip off racing games. High speed boats and water ways were just more interesting back then.

coolbeans2956d ago

3......2......1 Go! Go! Go! :D Such an awesome arcade game.

Spenok2956d ago

Sure is. Ill probably have to buy this one.

AAACE52956d ago

I still don't like how $15 is becoming the standard price for things, but considering they are giving us more quality titles for the price, I guess it works out! I'll probably get this as well.

FragMnTagM2956d ago

Can't wait to blast the Turbo on some suckers online. 4 player slit screen while playing four other people online sounds awesome for this game. I can see this being played a lot at my house.

DelbertGrady2956d ago

Althought Deadly Warriors and Ancients of Ooga(great game) are priced at 800 points I kind of agree with you. 800 should be the standard price on arcade games.

atticus142956d ago

I loved this game back in the day, always loved nice water effects haha.

ambientFLIER2956d ago

I remember NOT being impressed too much by the water effects...seems like the boats made almost no splash after falling 1000 feet down into a river, and hardly of a wake behind them and on the sides.

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The story is too old to be commented.