In-depth Review: Crackdown 2 - Electronic Theatre

Crackdown 2 also features a stronger narrative than the original, but still fails to find the balance between such open gameplay and a compelling story. As has seemingly become traditional on the current-generation, Pacific City is littered with audio logs offering commentary on the past, present and plans for the future of the city, and scouting out new details will inevitably receive a response from your guiding hand; the disembodied voice of The Agency. In Crackdown 2 the narrator plays a much more direct role, commenting on near each-and-every action that the player commits too, and often providing helpful hints or hard won praise. The narration undoubtedly counters some of the emptiness felt when travelling through Pacific City alone, and despite complaints from fans about his presence in the first title, Ruffian Games have taken to decision to instead beef-up his role; and are wholly successful with regards to their intent here.

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