Develop 2010 Piracy is coming to consoles

While it is a well known fact that PC, as a platform, is rife with software piracy, the same going to become true of consoles.

That is according to InstantAction CEO Louis Castle, who talked about the problem in a keynote address at Develop 2010 yesterday. The keynote itself was entitled ‘Traditional Games Breaking Into Social Networks’

“Piracy is not exclusive to PCs, I assure you it is coming onto consoles,”

Consoles have so far remained relatively unscathed by the issue, though Castle believes it is merely a matter of time.

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MGRogue20173080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

It already has.. been going on for around 2 years now, possibly even longer -.-

TheMART3080d ago

uh lol, make it 3 months after the 360 released, so thats about over 4 years now. Wii with chips within no time also, softmod since about what summer 2008 when it got into a faster process.

PSP softmod, NDS with special cards, PS2 with chip, XBOX 1 with chip & softmod...

Heck even NES, SNES you call 'em had their piracy. If its meant in the mainstream way then yes, its picking up because through softmods people will do it sooner than soldering/chips.

bomboclaat_gamer3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

even the first xbox had piracy, the ps2 also, even the dreamcast, even he ps1

stupid article

vhero3079d ago

PS3 is the only console so far not been fully hacked thanks to great security and blu-ray what a stupid article. If it said PS3 not consoles then the article might have made a little sense... Just a silly site trying to get hits and it worked obviously.

Eamon3079d ago

this article is 100s of years too late.

Piracy has been around on consoles for decades now.

IdleLeeSiuLung3079d ago

Actually piracy on console was available on the SNES! People used floppy's to read the game in....

mrwiggles3079d ago

I think the point is (that some of you may have missed) that there are a large number of consoles users that aren't involved in piracy. On the PC, Piracy makes up quite a substantial portion of the end users, it's problem. On most consoles it's there but not much of an issue. However, this is likely to change..

Zinc3079d ago

Please show us the data to back up the 'substantial portion' part.

Also, by what metric are you basing 'substantial portion' on?

There are hundreds of millions of people who game - even if only casually - on their computer.

I remember people in my dorm playing burned dreamcast and PS1 games... ah yes, the college days.

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3080d ago
ger1013080d ago

Really?! Consoles are only being hacked now?!! So how do you explain my hacked PSP? My softmodded Xbox (The original one), my softmodded PS2? My softmodded Wii?

Consoles have been hacked, softmodded and chipped well before 2010. The guy clearly has no clue.

Stupid article.

chak_3079d ago

and you're feeling proud or something?

stupid pirates

ger1013079d ago

You do know that not everyone who hacks/mods their consoles uses them to pirate games, right?

If I didn't hack the Wii, I wouldn't be able to play US or Japanese games. If I didn't hack the PSP, I wouldn't be able to watch Youtube vids, use MSN, play GBA/GBC/SNES/Megadrive games and listen to FLAC files.

Why would I want to waste €15 on 7 or 8 DVD-Rs just to play a game that I can buy in the shop?

I suggest you do a bit of research on hacks/apps/whatever before you post such a stupid comment.

ReBurn3079d ago

Going to come? Consoles have been hacked for decades. I know a guy, who isn't a pirate by the way, that was writing his own (pretty crappy) games for the Atari 2600 since right before the NES hit the scene. He had all sorts of breadboard, ROM chips and ROM burning stuff in his garage because he hoped to one day manufacture his own retro homebrew games. He's been trying to reverse engineer pretty much every cartridge-based console he can get his hands on ever since because he wants to know how they work. Mostly the old ones as anything beyond the SNES is beyond his skill level, but he's hard at it. That's his main hobby.

Long story short, as long as there has been computer hardware there has been someone trying to hack it.

Alos883079d ago

The 360 is quite open to hacking sadly, it doesn't even require much skill to do from what my friends have told me.

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