PS3 DVR Could Actually Be TiVo

Its already been mentioned that DVR will be coming to the PS3. But the software behind the technology-not always Sony's strong suit-could be the driving force to make the platform actually succeed. Because it could be TiVo...

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SmokeyMcBear3947d ago

That would be simply awesome

Schmitty073947d ago

That would be so cool. My friend has TiVo and its awesome.

ben hates you3947d ago

i have a dish network dvr, what is the diffrence?

drtysouf213947d ago

is the interface and menus. The way they have it set up is easy and the best out their in my opinion and i've used all. Directv's own dvr is not as good as tivo the only other dvr interface that comes close to being as good as tivo is media center for windows. Thats my opinion.

Siesser3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Tivo's just an aweseome service. I tried my cable company's service after my first year of Tivo was about to end, to see if it's worth the cost, and Tivo blew it away. Menus are intuitive, the rescheduling, programming, keyword features and what-not work great. You can listen to all the music and view pictures from your pc over a network (how I did it before the ps3). You can, umm, heck, you can buy movie tickets with the thing through Fandango. You can listen to internet radio via Live565. And they're partnered with Amazon, so you can order and download movies and tv shows with it as well using Unbox. You can program it to record from any computer, even over the internet, and just recently, they've added the ability to do so with a cell phone as well.

Seriously, I love my Tivo, especially since I work nights. They're constantly upgrading and adding new features, and I've never had an issue with the service. I'm just waiting for the cost of the Series 3 to come down a little more so I can start recording hi-def content.

Tsukasah3947d ago

TiVo's interface menus are downright awesome, and the fact that i got some special TiVo remote with a built in locator(dont see those anymore these days) really was quite a treat, but it got to be too expensive, so i switched to dish HD :) dish is great, but TiVo also offers a few more channels i believe, its menu interface is amazing, but i also heard a rumor that it will be offering 1080p HD, if that is true, im switching back to TiVo =)

But dish is cheaper, i dont like it near as much as tivo

Siesser3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Tivo Series 3 outputs in Hi Def. Not sure if it's 1080p, but it's at least the quality of HD-brodcasts (720p/1080i). When it first came out, it was around $800, but has dropped to $300 now.

The service can add up, I suppose, coming in at $13 a month. But I use it all the time; the only time I EVER watch live tv is when I'm trying to watch something and want to see it in HD. Other than that, everything's recorded. So I consider the service well worth the cost, at least for me. Same with Netflix; it's $17 a month, but I love using the service and consider it worth the cost.

It kind of sucks that they got rid of the lifetime plan. I bought a one year service plan to see if I liked it, and after it was up, was all set to buy they lifetime plan, only to find they'd just stopped offering it about a month or two earlier. $300 payment and never have to pay for service again. What could have been :-(

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drtysouf213947d ago

this would be perfect especially if it could do HD channels.

DiLeCtioN3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

smokeymcblunt thanks man that was a misunderstanding.

SmokeyMcBear3947d ago

uh what?? i think your a little confused man. First of all Tivo is a brand name for a digital recorder. You run the cable from the house to it and it records the shows you want to watch, it is not a tv provider like comcast or direct tv. And what do you have against what big poppa is saying. Sony does what the ps3 to be the center of your home entertainment center, look up that in google, this has nothing to do with HOME the online feature that sony is offering. I already use it as my home entertainment center, I have all DVDs ripped and encoded on a external hard drive, my music, my photos, and my games. Now if the ps3 could have a tv tuner and have dvr functionality, that would be the end all home entertainment center.

s8anicslayer3947d ago

i guess sony does want to make the ps3 the center of your home entertainment experience.

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