The Fall of Quality and the Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition

The redundancy says it all

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Faelan2901d ago

This comes close to being one of the most useless reviews I've come across. The whole review falls apart in the third sentence when he writes "First off, video games should never be about the realism, it defeats the purpose".

Did it ever strike him that RoF:IC is not supposed to be your average video game? It's in fact a simulator and a hardcore one at that. If you expect this to feel like being in a Hollywood movie, you're going to be quite disappointed, because flying a WWI fighter ain't nothing like Hollywood.

Oh well... everybody can be a reviewer these days thanks to the net, so it's no big surprise that garbage like this gets posted. Only thing he is spot on is the camera issue. TrackIR seems like a must.

2901d ago