Amazon DOTD: Bayonetta PS3 for $19.99

Original Gamer: "Who would have known that the first major release of the year would end up being pretty damn good. It's been seven months, and Bayonetta has had a few sales for gamers to buy the game for cheap. That changes today, and TODAY ONLY, as Amazon's Deal of the Day is Bayonetta (PS3, sorry 360 owners) for only $19.99."

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Yi-Long2897d ago

... yet somehow I can't get past the horrible looking main character. Must be one of the worst character-designs EVER. So highly unattractive.

If the main character would have looked like Ayane (Dead or Alive) or Ibuki (Street Fighter 3) or something, I would probably have picked this up day 1.

Superficial? Yeah ofcourse. I just don't care AT ALL about the main character.

ShiNe-Box-2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I just bought this used for $25 -___-

$19 is a great deal if ur willing to bare A LOT (<---I mean a SH**LOAD) of cheezy dialogue. Although the game is no NGS2, gameplay wise.

Yi-Long2897d ago

...there's no option for japanese voices!?

harlem_v12897d ago

Japanese voices wouldn't help this game out due to the horrid storyline.

Quagmire2897d ago

Wow, who knew whores were so cheap!

raztad2897d ago

This particular whore is not hard on worthy. Still the price is very tempting. I've been interested in this game but the poor port turned me off. $20 is enough to pass those issues as "little details".

tmj2897d ago

I'm in for 1...and 1 game too!