Rumor: New Images of New 360 Dashboard Revealed, Shows New Setup and Kinect Functionality

Potentially new images of a new Xbox 360 dashboard update. Reveals Kinect functionality, new setup, and look.

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T9X692782d ago

Nothing special, looks more like an updated version of what we already have, instead of a major overhaul like when NXE launched. None the less, it looks nice. I like it.

iamtehpwn2782d ago

New Xbox Experience--->Slightly Newer Xbox Experience

Rumor2782d ago

dumbed down to me :/

still getting kinect, and move ;)

Arnon2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

It looks like a cleaner, easier, more efficient dashboard. Also looks like it isn't too taxing on the system either. I honestly didn't care about the NXE after a while, and found it to be rather annoying at times with it being curved at an angle. Also, it isn't "Kiddy". It's just more trendy with today's technology.

ShinMaster2781d ago

Sounds like the Xbox is suffering from an image problem. M$ lacks a bit of confidence.
Hopefully it won't be littered with ads this time!

RememberThe3572782d ago

The current one looks much better and has more depth. Hopefully this will be optional, because this just seems like a down grade.

edhe2782d ago

No.. they've flattened it, taken away the depth & therefore the visibility - reducing what you get to see on screen, wasting real estate and making it decidedly simpler looking.

I like my swooshy NXE and i'd like to use that with Kinect if i ever get it.. not some oversimplified flat waste of space.

Like the new guide menu colouring though :)

tinybigman2782d ago

the NXE sucks monkey balls.

k-Lan2782d ago

Oh hell no! The old blades looked like something from the 80's. Maybe the "NXE sucks" because you don't like seeing your avatar Tiny Big Man. lol! I wouldn't either.

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xtremexx2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

meh nothing really that changed

Mizz_mai2782d ago

lol....true hopefully it will make navigation through the marketplace easier.....maybe i can finally find the place where i can sell my own items that M$

either way with a theme in the background it sould just look the same as what we know and love now....yeeeeeeaaaaah.......

dizzleK2782d ago

i still can't even get the hang of the nxe as it is...

Wizziokid2782d ago

I don't think this is real.

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The story is too old to be commented.