Crysis - 2 New Screens

Electronic Arts has released two new screenshots of Crysis, the upcoming science fiction first-person shooter.

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Rooted_Dust3950d ago

As good as always. I notice two of the players are taking cover against the pylons. There hasn't really been any talk about the cover system, and I'm interested to see how it works.

Nigther3950d ago

Could you please explain why you would need a cover system for a FPS game. You should just do it the same way you do it in real life.

R0l33950d ago

Looks quite crap compared to what I've seen before.

Nigther3950d ago

These pictures could be in Direct X 9, that's what most of the released material has been in. As a matter of fact no screens of max settings in game has been shown so far(to my knowledge).

RelloC3950d ago

cant wait for this beast to abuse my pc.