Kane & Lynch: The Dog Days are over

Jim Hargreaves writes his hands-on impressions with Kane & Lynch 2 and how it triumphs over what was a sub-par first serving. In this preview, he covers the single and multiplayer aspects as well as the Arcade mode:

"The single player session drops you into the role of Lynch. After “settling” down in the city of Shanghai with his partner, Xu, Lynch appears to be living a normal life before a deal goes bad and he needs Kane to help him pick up the pieces. The mission begins in a restaurant where the two are ambushed by armoured police, followed by a chain of urban shootouts across the city as Kane & Lynch hurry to warn Xu to flee.

Unlike the original title, the sequel employs a much more conventional control scheme, though the sprint and reload functions are allocated to the bumpers. The broken cover system has been thrown out in favour for a Gears/Uncharted-esque “button snapping” mechanic, allowing much more control when in the heat of combat."

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