Take Two talks GTA4, Bioshock & Manhunt 2

An interview with Take-Two Interactive Chairman Strauss Zelnick, the man in charge of the folks at Rockstar and stuff like Bioshock, and, oh yeah, Grand Theft Auto IV.

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MK_Red3826d ago

They are doing great but I wish they had done more to hype Bioshock. I also hope they release an uncut AO rated Manhunt 2 for PC at least. (But its really unlikely but a we all know PC is not banning AO games unlike Sony, Nintendo and MS)

MK_Red3826d ago

Agreed. I though it was a problem with my browser but now that you mention it. I tried copying the text into Notepad and other text/word programs but now, the problem is with the original. I dont understand why they do it. Maybe they dont wan us to read! j/k.

ItsDubC3826d ago

Who edits the Mercury News articles? Whitespace is your friend, use it!

egyptian_diarrhea3826d ago

if you hold the Ctrl key and then scroll up and down with the mouse wheel you can adjust the size of the letters on a web page ***

DirtyRat3826d ago

agreed, the layout was terrible, pages of text do not make for an enjoyable read!

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texism3826d ago

Ow, my eyes.

Also diarrhea you showed me a new trick! Bubblez!

nirwanda3826d ago

even on a 32'widescreen that helps +bubbles

Tsukasah3826d ago

Yeah... check it..

I wasnt able to read this article, everything was too close together, did he mention anything about bioshock?

Tsukasah3826d ago

im new to adding images, did it go though?

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