5 Most Screwed Up MGS Characters

Eric C from Associatedcontent: This choice might seem strange to you: he's as big a douche as you can be, but he's not altogether unstable, aside from the whole "my arm controls my mind" thing, and who hasn't had that happen to them once or twice? My reasoning for his selection is the consistently hilarious Snake Eater (the third entry in the MGS series), where he's quite different than he was in Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2.

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Bereaver2748d ago

Well.... I don't know... a lot of people hated Raiden for the character he is. But..... he was well fit for the story and it all worked in nicely. Someone had to play the roll.

Eamon2748d ago

yeah, that's what I thought too. Snake was already fooled with in MGS1 so it would be a bit repetitive if he was to be tricked AGAIN in MGS2.

I've never hated Raiden. It was nice seeing Snake's part in the story from a third person view.

Darkstorn2748d ago

How can this list not include Vamp? Hell, even little Sunny can seem sociopathic at times...

ico922748d ago

Vamp was crazy didnt he eat his own family in a church ? and he thinks he's a vampire how is that not screwed up

sikbeta2748d ago

Hey, where the hell you put all the Beauty and the Beast Unit?

PaPa-Slam2748d ago

yup, he's pretty messed up.

Pandamobile2748d ago

Drebin's not screwed up D:

Drebin's a complete and total badass.

Cevapi882748d ago

a smoking monkey that likes Coke.....that can only be a PLUS making Drebin an even cooler bad he kept the story line going in MGS4 describing all of the, lets say "ladies" that you had to deal with throughout your EPIC journey

T9X692748d ago

Yea but that mofo likes to talk. Every time he was in a cut scene I knew it was time to put the controller down and just watch lol.

Godmars2902748d ago

Drebin has guns. Lots and lots of guns. And explosives. And Missiles. May not know how to use them, but likely has plenty of costumers who don't have issues with his monkey and wouldn't mind dropping some no-name who did for a discount.

ShiNe-Box-2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Otacon is definitely screwed up for falling in love with women he barely knows.

Psycho Mantis' theme just seems too badass to have him on anyone's "negative list."

Drebin is definitely screwed up, since most of what he says after beating a boss doesn't make any f***n sense.

SOAD2748d ago

"Otacon is definitely screwed up for falling in love with women he barely knows."

It's not love, it's infatuation. And many men fall in love with women they barely know. It's normal.

DaBadGuy2748d ago

yeah, happens to me every day....hey SOAD...I gotta say man your avatar is lookin real good, I'm just saying I'm a person, you're a person, we have something in common.

bunfighterii2748d ago

Yeah ever heard of love at first sight? how unromantic...

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