Top Five Finishers in Red Steel 2

Associatedcontent: Ever since the glory days of the original Mortal Kombat games, fighting and action games have striven to come up with gruesome, over-the-top ways to finish off your foes. Red Steel 2 carries on this fine tradition with a number of ludicrous-yet-entertaining "finishers."

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Quagmire2900d ago

I, Quagmire hereby sentence all articles with the title containing the following "THE TOP" - followed by any number, banned and/or ignored by N4G and its users.

All those in favour, say "I".

All those oppose, say "I HATE VIDEO GAMES"

-Mezzo-2900d ago

You don't make sense, how does not Saying 'I' qualifies us as a Video Game Haters. these types of articles are one of the best reason many people visit N4G,.