The Greatest Game NEVER Made

Associatedcontent: I have always dreamed of an Xbox Live or PS3 multiplayer game that never slept. Imagine you turn on your Xbox or PS3 and enter the most expansive multiplayer map ever developed. It's a land made up of a dozen or so islands the size of those seen in Grand Theft Auto IV. But this isn't Grand Theft Auto IV, because in this game, every player who is playing the game is in this one single map. And, when players sign off and go to bed, their characters lie down where they left them on the map and fall asleep.

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Focker-4202898d ago

Yes please, it sounds excellent.

Cevapi882897d ago

this would cost a lot of money just to keep everyone online....on one this map would have to be huge...idk how servers would be able to handle so many connections at pretty sure programmers are working on this, but i doubt seeing something like this anytime does sound interesting though

DelbertGrady2897d ago

Good luck finding a server solution able to host that amount of traffic.

kneon2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Hmm, has this guy been reading my posts? Just last week I suggested the same sort of thing, except it was to be a never ending world war. It just continues on with whoever is on line. When you leave your character leaves. when you join you can select which battle front to go to. It would require a proper command structure such as in MAG otherwise it would just be a huge free for all.

but I had a much bigger scale in mind. I want everything in there, infantry, helicopters, tanks, ships etc. A full scale virtual war. No nukes though, that would ruin it.

Bloodraid2897d ago

'But this isn't Grand Theft Auto IV, because in this game, every player who is playing the game is in this one single map. And, when players sign off and go to bed, their characters lie down where they left them on the map and fall asleep...' And then Niko runs your ass over in the police car he stole.

HolyOrangeCows2897d ago

"The main selling point of Armaghetto would be that the game never sleeps. Sure, games like Modern Warfare can be played 24 hours a day, but in Modern Warfare and every other online game, you have the game's player population divided into many groups of 8-12 players. Armaghetto will bring all of the game's players together into one single, huge multiplayer map that they can never escape, even when they are not signed on. If a player doesn't sign on again after a certain amount of time, his character will die of starvation right where the player left him and he will have to start from scratch with a new character the next time he signs on to play. If a player knows he's going to be away for a few days or more, he can use his in-game earnings to pay to have his body cryogenically frozen until he returns to the game"

Sounds like a bad Tomigotchi or something.
1) Who wants to attend to the digestive needs of their characters when they have other things to do?
2) what kind of server would be able to hold that many theoretical people?

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guitarded772897d ago

and Star Wars Battlefront 3.

dizzleK2898d ago

i'd actually set that in a zombie apocalypse where the living have to make sure their surroundings are secure before they stop playing. someone can starve to death and return as the living dead if they don't log in soon enough so the other players must debate whether to kill him or risk a zombie in their midst.

your band would need to travel during the day when the zombies are relatively dormant and raid other survivors safe houses for food. the game would be played for 2 weeks in realtime and your goal is simply to survive until help arrives.

distorted_reality2897d ago

No, no more freaking zombies.

HeroXIV2897d ago

I've always wanted this too. It's probably impossible with todays technology. Well, I want it on a hundred-thousand to a million scale. Probably can't be done.

pixelsword2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Okay, two things:

1. Why is there a Killzone 2 pic? That had nothing to do with the article. That totally wrecked my preconception of the spirit of the game he was describing.

2. He wanted the game to be called "Armaghetto". I would need butter and holders to swallow that corny title.

Other than that, eh, maybe not too bad of a concept, but if I can't kill anyone in their sleep, what's the fun of finding them in the first place? I'm sure you could rob a person you've killed, and besides, I can see non-stop looting if there's not safeguards like attack dogs or auto-turrets (either one in short supply if realistic (technologically, it doesn't sound tangible for the turrets, and I know people who steal attack dogs, but allowable in a game)

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