IZUNA: Thinking Of Buying A PSP? Here's A PSP series Comparison

You may be overwhelmed by the choices, and just go for whichever one is advertised the most near you; if that's the case, you'll likely get either a slim and lite, or a go. Personally, I don't think either of these are the best choices, but that's what we are going to discuss.


Added Pro for 3000 series: Built-In Microphone (For Skype, SOCOM, ect). Added Pros for N-1000 series (Bluetooth For PS3 Controller, Highest-Quality Screen).

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PoSTedUP3024d ago

i have the 3000, im playing socom fire team bravo3 online and single player, omg this game rocks it had such good graphics and story. slant6 sure does know how to make a great socom game (despite server issues for with confrontations)

Shang-Long3023d ago

same im waited til they lower that Go Price. and just get ps1 games on it.

zootang3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I love playing Metal Gear Solid on my psp. I just wish Resident Evil 2 would get released on the EU store and then I'm set.

Edit: I would love a PSPGo but what would i do with all my UMD's

PoSTedUP3023d ago

i think the GO is to small. i think the 3000 is a little to small also thats why i have a case around it to make it bigger otherwise i get hand cramps while i play it. actually this one is a lot better then mine

and isnt GO downloadable only? i dont like that idea because of all my UMDs although it IS convenient. i have both UMDs and a few DLable games on my 3000.

i just got my first psp this year and man is this system awesome, you really need one as a ps3 gamer imo because of different versions of your favorite franchises

Gago3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

he actually says 1000 and 2000 are "superior" because there easier to homebrew/hack


1. the 2000 doesn't have the best screen, both 1000 and 2000 screens have noticeable ghost (bad pixel response time), and an overall lower quality screen compared to the 3000.

2. the screen scan line issue of the 3000 only affects a small percentage of psp 3000s.

3. the author forgot to mention the built in mic for the 3000

4. that jackass list the smaller screen of the GO as a pro

MegaPowa3023d ago

Even if his article has some mistakes he got the point across and i agree with it. And if you didn't then you don't need to post about it. just move along

Gago3023d ago

you don't just post a bunch of BS and not expect some criticism

izuna3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

It's a Pro and a Con for a reason, there are an equal amount of people I find (generally) that think it's a good and bad thing.

Every PSP 3000 I've seen (and it's quite a few, even newer ones) have the scan-line issue.

Thank you though, I forgot about the built in Mic, I'll add that as a Pro. Thanks for pointing stuff out.

Edit: I didn't say the 1000 was superior, being able to have CFW though, is a Pro, no matter how you see it. (For the comsumer).

BillOreilly3023d ago

i have a 2000 i love it but i wish i could hook it up to a sdtv like the 3000 thats the only feature i envy then i could play on friends tvs and carry movies on it so if me and my boys are bored i plug it in and watch movies. the psp go is dope for sexiness and portability though

izuna3023d ago

I wanted that feature too. It didn't make the TV NOT give the picture mad borders, which is what I thought it would do.

Greek God3023d ago

i have the crisis core psp edition 2000 its great

raztad3023d ago

I first had the Silver Daxter PSP 2000 edition, I passed it to my lil bro and bought the GoW PSP 2000 red edition. Love it. I would love to get a PSP Go tho. It's quite sleek and portable.

GiggMan3023d ago

Nice article. I got my son (8 years old) the PSP Go for Christmas and he loves it. Out of all the cons that I read, the one that I agree with the most is not being able to buy used games (and of course price). I still think it's a cool little piece of equipment though. It fits easily in a kids pocket and I don't have to worry about media lying around the house.

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