What We Hope To See in InFAMOUS 2

PS Unlimited Writes: What we’ve seen so far of Infamous 2 is pure unadulterated proof that Sucker Punch took the time to assess the flaws in their previous installment, and “stepped their game up” to a whole other level the second time around. Winning “Best PS3 Game of E3″ from a number of different online publications, this title is surely bound to be nonetheless spectacular.

I am personally excited to own this game. So excited, that I even fired up my original copy of the first inFAMOUS just to psyche myself up for creating this article. After much thought, what follows this paragraph are a few things that I personally hope that makes it into the final cut of this game. While these requests may not be entirely necessary, I think a few these new additions would work well for the title.

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ActionBastard2897d ago

Hell, that latest trailer showed me all I wanted to see. Day One.

Blacktric2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Nekid chicks... I don't want to see anything else besides shown in the trailer. Even those moves and technical features makes it enough to be a GOTY contender. If they add something more our brains can't process all those goodness.

Shang-Long2897d ago

i cant wait to explore the new city. with the new ways to move around, it should be fun/ faster

knightdarkbox2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

i want the old cole :/

he looks so horrible now.. .-.

I mean seriously, it's like changing the main actor in a middle of a television series, it SUCKS...

tinybigman2897d ago

already there's nothing wrong with this new design. if you don't like it don't buy it, but i highly doubt you you've actually played the first game or have a ps3.

Immortal3212897d ago

I'm already hype for this game ever since that gameplay trailer.

maybe this game can be not only a blockbuster hit but a movie box hit.

another thing, this game have a little spiderman in it, you guys notice?

Quagmire2897d ago

Well, we'll definitley see more 'Uncharted' in this game, thats for sure.

Apotheosize2897d ago

Damn they really should bring back old Cole. Or even implement some kind of appearance change, if you go inFamous you start to look like cole from the first game, bald, pale and if youre good you look like well this new guy lol.

Alos882897d ago

I want to rush through the streets far faster this time, that was my only issue with the original; getting anywhere took too long.

Bobbykotickrulesz2897d ago

I agree.

Speed. Lightning is fucking fast! So Cole should be insanely fast too! Maybe he could start off regular, and then as you upgrade his powers he could get faster and faster.

Ahhh I love having ideas that will never be implemented :D

Veneno2897d ago

I hope to see muliplayer. Its also going to be really weird to see traditional cut-scenes throughout. And I really hope they keep in the graphic novel style animatics. those were killer.

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