PlayStation 4 - To Blu-Ray or Not to Blu-Ray?

EzineArticles: Rumors are circulating around that PlayStation 4 may not have one of the key features of PlayStation 3 aka the Blu-Ray drive. Many customers and purchasers of the PS3 use the Blu-Ray, however many more gamers feel that Sony marketed the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player in a game console shell to help give the Blu-Ray popularity and out do its competitors.

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TotalPS3Fanboy2903d ago

Probably something like 25 layers Blu-Ray or something.

NastyLeftHook2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

yes, unless the electronics giants make something like 5x the size of standard bluray.

ChineseDemocracy2903d ago

Development cycles are going to be hella long next gen. Imagine all the stuff they'll be able to pack into a game :S

xskipperx822903d ago

Prices for next gen games are gonna be ridiculous.

sikbeta2903d ago


This Tech keep evolving, heck, an article a month ago about a 5TB Blu-Ray says it all, Blu-Ray is here to stay and it's not going to leave...

I can see a PS4 with 320GB Blu-Ray Discs, all the Games will be Open-World...

Blu-Ray FTW!!!

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XxSolid SnakexX2903d ago

with like 5 TB of space it will be absolutely EPIC!!

pangitkqb2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Considering all the money Sony has spent on blu, the increasing market share the format is enjoying, and the much cheaper cost at which they can now manufacture the drives there is no way they would suddenly just drop the format. The thought is simply ridiculous, no matter how large the Hdd (ssd, fingers crossed!) might be.

Darkstorn2903d ago

Well, it's either an upgraded version of Blu-ray or full digital about a little of both?

iamtehpwn2903d ago

and not simply using exist technology; I await a new disc format.

tinybigman2903d ago

it would also use blu-ray too.

DeadlyFire2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

PS4 is most likely to feature 4 layered Blu-Ray with 100 GB discs. 1 TB discs are not needed and 100 GB is more than enough space. Its double standard that is out there right now and next logical leap for Blu-Ray. Of course disc drive would probably need to be a little faster than 2x or 4x. I say 8x would work quite nicely.

Only other disc format in the works that supports playing Blu-Ray discs would be HVD I believe. Its not likely Sony will invest heavily in new disc technology after what Blu-Ray did to PS3 sales and price. Blu-Ray is smarter choice.

blumatt2903d ago

I think the better question is "360- To DVD or Not to DVD?" That's the real question. MS is in quite the position, isn't it. They'll either have to keep using DVD, go digital distribution, or swallow their pride and license blu ray for their NextBox.

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TheTeam062903d ago

Definitely, definitely, definitely Blu-Ray.

I can see it being BDXL, but Blu-Ray nonetheless.

T9X692903d ago post some of the dumbest shit I've ever read in my life.

facelike2903d ago

Yeah, 3 PS4 articles in a row.

Anon19742903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

It's not based on anything, then they lie and try to convince you there's more information on the website which is just a site that sells PS3 accessories.

This is just spam. How did it get approved?

Edit: Looking at past articles it's always the same. The "articles" are always just one or two paragraph blurbs and then they say "For more information on the PS4/360S/Wii-HD/Whatever, click here" and then it takes you to sites trying to sell you something.
I encourage everyone to report this site. Maybe we can get it blocked. Just do a search for EzineArticles in the search and you'll see it's the same with every "article". Just spam targeting gamers.

lilmetal2903d ago

Strange... But I'm guessing Blu-Rays with higher capacity and faster read/write speeds.

TheTeam062903d ago

It's E-Zine. They went PS4 crazy all of a sudden.

TrailerParkSupervisr2903d ago

Can I please just enjoy my current console for a while without having to start wondering what I will be missing out on...IN 4 YEARS FROM NOW?

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