This just in: violent games are actually good for you

Texas A&M International University recently conducted a study in which volunteers were subjected to stress, with some subjects being allowed to play video games afterward. According to the results, the game-playing group reported less stress and depression afterward.

In a conclusion contrary to many recent studies, the research conducted by Texas A&M Associate Professor Christopher Ferguson concluded that violent video games could actually combat anger and depression.

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TheTeam062926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I've known that since 2004 when I realized that the only cure for me being pissed off at my girlfriend at the time was to go wild in San Andreas.

It was just the media jumping on violent video games prematurely that actually had people confused. Here's a good tip. If you want to know the full truth without a feeling of onesided-ness, go to the source of the story (if you can). We could have told you this years ago.

Darkstorn2926d ago

I'm skeptical of this research. They claim that violent games relieve stress, but I get stressed out playing action games as my character can die without intense concentration.

Additionally, violent video games still portray violence, and we can't yet conclude if desensitization to violence is a positive thing. Violent games shouldn't be played by the immature of mind (as that's how we hear about supposed crimes linked to video games, effectively giving a bad name to the rest of us).

Pen Pooh2926d ago

But how do you assess if somebody is 'immature of mind' when they walk into a games store? It's a policy that would be impossible to enforce.

TheTeam062926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I can agree with that to an extent. I think all forms of media have the potential to provoke violence. Music, TV shows and movies have all been considered a part in some teenage-related crimes or accidents. The only reason why video game-related violence tends to be a bigger deal is because you're engaging in the act (virtually, but still).

Personally, I think it's a form of entertainment that has a long way to mature. It wasn't until about 60-70 years in for movies until they really started going beyond the borders of what was ok back in those days (as you can tell, it was around the same time that porn became much more popular). We're only about 30-40 years in and I think it'll take a bit longer for video games as opposed to movies.

@csimpson - haha, true that. But the 70s were when pornography truly became mainstream and (hate it or love it) changed the industry forever. 1970s, man. The Exorsist, Saturday Night Fever, Texis Chainsaw Massacre, Animal House.... truly a revolutionary decade for film. The special effects and plots were something I couldn't find at the turn of the century (most were monsters, robberies, vampires, etc. Stuff that were popular at the time).

extermin8or2926d ago

@darkstorm if you are dying loads then yh u can get stressed or if your on a game wherre people are playing like knobs *cough* MW2 *cough*

but i generally find that if you are angary or stressed it makes you feel better especially the single player (in easy or normal) , no one to annoy you lol

Raypture2926d ago

That's because you need to chill out when playing a video game, they're entertainment, every once in a while instead of being super serious run out like ranbo and do something crazy for the hell of it, and if you start getting stressed while playing thats when its time to put down the controller for a while.

Leonesaurus2925d ago

On the contrary, I get stressed out a lot, and yes, at times I even get depressed (we all do) and video games in general, including violent games, help take me, and I'm sure many others, away from the negative side-effects of life that plague us.

The games that immerse us can make us completely forget about all the crap we have to deal with, even if it's just for a few hours or so. Just play the right game that you know for certain want aid to the stress and anger level (MW2 etc.)

So, in short, I can believe this research does in fact prove to be successful.

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Sarcasm2926d ago

I have to agree with Darkstorn a bit here. Playing competitive games like online shooters ends up making me feel more stressed when I do bad. I always end up just stopping.

However, I do feel a lot better after playing some God of War. Killing 500ft gods in creative ways takes the stress away.

WildArmed2926d ago

lol Competitive gaming leaves a sour taste once in awhile. (which is why I prefer SP and co-op games alot more).
Unless I'm playing offline competitive.. i dont mind.
It's when i'm playign online, i get stressed out.. esp. when I try to knife people in BC2.. and since the knifing system sucks so bad.. the guy usually fuking turns around and shoots me to death -.-

The only time when i was super mad in GoW3 was during my Chaos Run and that stupid fuking 3 headed dog that throws out exploding hounds and has dumbass Egyptian bodyguards -.-

csimpson2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

"It wasn't until about 60-70 years in for movies until they really started going beyond the borders of what was ok back in those days"

I dunno. The Battleship Potemkin (1905) was pretty hardcore!

Penno2926d ago

This bit is funny: "a final group was told they wouldn't be able to play any games due to a malfunction."

OF COURSE they were more stressed than the group that played violent games. lol They got completely screwed over.

WildArmed2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I can't help myself...
but did they do the tests on ..
No I won't do it~
I won't degrade myself.

GAH! I'mma edit this comment 10 times now adding and removing the name of the console -.-

jimboh2k2926d ago

Good news, time to go kill the innocent

treylathikes2926d ago

Actually, the C64 turned me well violent. I think it was the time i got stuck in some impossibly long and narrow part of a Bubble Bobble level that did it. I had no way of getting out and just lost it man. I lost it.

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