11 Things You Should Never Eat While Gaming

"There are all kinds of food you can eat while playing your favorite video game, however just because you can doesn’t me you should, and just because you should doesn’t mean you should do so at the cost of getting owned.

The following list of food has been researched and has been deemed UNSAFE for consumption while fragging or grinding. Keep in mind the following list took years of research and hundreds of thousands of respawns to make."

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Darkstorn2592d ago

Holy crap, just looking at that list of junk food almost gave me a heart attack.

And honestly, what kind of fatass sociopath would eat KFC while gaming? How do you even do that?

codyodiodi2592d ago

Sometimes chicken sounds good while you are gaming. Until your hands are greasy and you can't grip your controller anymore.

rezzah2592d ago

Thats disgusting, Ill never let my controllers get greasy at all. Its just nasty.

izuna2592d ago

KFC is great, but I give my fingers a good licking and wipe before ever touching the controller again. I find that chicken helps my execution in fighting games.

SnuggleBandit2592d ago

This reminds me...i need to get some more chipotlaway for the blood stains

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Quagmire2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Food (x11)

i dont understand how one could eat while playing a game. I have two hands only which occupy the controller.

El_Colombiano2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

My girl loves to satisfy my "hunger" while I'm gaming. She does all the work and I just play.

Dac2u2592d ago

@Quagmire: There are plenty of moments in a game where your hands aren't needed. Waiting to respawn, loading screens, waiting for the group to get ready... You just hold the controller with one hand and use your other hand to reach over and grab the food and take a bite.

Quagmire2592d ago

Sorry, I just thought food was meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, not scoffed down every 5 minutes

codyodiodi2591d ago

It doesn't mean I'll stop eating food while playing a game though. I like my food.

Alos882592d ago

Fondue. That's a warranty voider right there.

Jaces2592d ago

cheese filled pretzels, delicious and utterly no mess involved. :D

NJShadow2592d ago

Does anybody know how to use silverware or a wrapper (Taco Bell)? LOL, I've eaten just about every food on here while gaming and have never had a problem.

DelbertGrady2592d ago

Not all gamers are fat slobs.

Coffee is the only thing I consume while gaming.

Studio-YaMi2592d ago

haven't thought I would share something with you Soda!

I too love to drink a cup of coffee or two while gaming,it helps me to relax :)

Alos882592d ago

Speaking of which, does soda contain caffeine? :P

csreynolds2592d ago

Same. Coffee and tea for the win! :)

PopEmUp2592d ago

i thought Soda Pop would be having a can of soda by his side :P

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