Beyond the Minigames: Nintendo's 2007 Wii Lineup

There are still plenty of kid friendly casual mini-games en-route for the Wii in 2007, but what Nintendo neglected to mention was that they have more exclusive games coming out this year than anyone else, and incredibly, many of them are actual games with deep narratives and intriguing game play! Join MyArcadePlanet.Com as we explore some of the soon-to-be-released Wii games that should satisfy Nintendo's hardcore fan base.

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MK_Red4125d ago

Wow, I didn't realise that so many great non-minigames are coming for Wii. Mario Galaxy, Dewy, Metroid P3, Manhunt 2 and SSBB for me.

fbetancourt4125d ago

Yeah, surprisingly enough, Nintendo did not make a big deal about them @ E3 so a lot of people don't know the nice lineup coming out for Wii very shortly. Good news for us, a lot of the games are for the more mature audiences not just little kids. Good stuff from Nintendo.

texism4125d ago

I kinda wish they did. Nintendo's press conference kinda sucked. I really wanted to see Batallion Wars 2 or BWii whatever they are calling it now...

s8anicslayer4125d ago

i would like to play starfox and see the diddy kong series return.

Darkiewonder4125d ago

How they stuck in MySims in there.

It was so random.

There IS another Sims game coming out for the Wii [Psp, and Ps2 also] Which is the Sims Castaway. Should arrive This Fall.

ItsDubC4125d ago

Battalion Wars 2 and Fire Emblem are actually two of my most-wanted yet under-hyped Wii games due for release this year.

djt234125d ago

what about Zack & Wiki give it some love
how about Cruis'n ,Nitrobike ,Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn,Medal of Honor Heroes 2,Brothers In Arms Double Time and many more
there are so many hardcore games or just games that his coming out. but people can only see is mini games that just make me mad

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