Walmart Listing Outs Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Kinect Support?

EA’s upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was listed as one of the Kinect launch games available as part of Walmart’s newly announced Kinect bundle. Funny thing is, EA hasn’t mentioned Kinect support for the game, and, in fact, they aren't planning to mention anything about it for the time being either.

When asked about the Deathly Hallows/Kinect listing, an EA representative told me, “We have not made any announcements or comments on this at this time.”

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0oAngeluso02902d ago

So if you can play a game like this without "Buttons" I guess that put's an end to all the "Kinect only offers rail games" theory. I guess the hate will have to be focused on something else now?

Christopher2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

So... if you can play what game? You don't even know what the gameplay is like... Also, Kinect support doesn't not mean you don't have to use a controller as well. I'll start trusting Kinect as a gaming peripheral of use when they start showing me it outside of the casual stuff they've shown so far.


Now, my huge gripe about the game is the similarities people are still making between Sorcery and Harry Potter. Last time I checked, Harry Potter has never thrown a wall of flame on the ground, let alone then preceded to create a small tornado that swept up the flames and the goblins, burning them as it sent them over the edge.

Just because it's a kid sorcerer doesn't mean it's Harry Potter. There have been many child sorcerer franchises before Harry Potter, there will be thousands more after.

Talk about shoddy-arse journalism.


acky12901d ago

'So if you can play a game like this without "Buttons" I guess that put's an end to all the "Kinect only offers rail games" theory'

I am willing to bet that you will not be able to freely walk around and explore using only kinect. Either it will be on-rails, which is very unlikely, or some sort of button input will need to be used, like one of those 'controller' things that seem to work pretty well, with kinect tacked on as a selling point... sort of like sixaxis was with a lot of games.

ShinMaster2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Are we gonna shout spells at the camera or wave an invisible wand?

4221852901d ago

Harry Potter would work great with Move, Just look at Sorcery.

ShinMaster2901d ago

Harry Potter will also support Move. It makes more sense.

Game-ur2901d ago

"I guess that put's an end to all the Kinect only offers rail games theory"

Don’t rush; it may in fact be an on-rails game, just look at the Wii version of Transformers WFS.

2901d ago