Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Producer On How To Make Action Games For Women

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is part of an action game series loosely based on the Warring States period. The series, if you weren’t aware, has a huge female following in Japan. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Producer, says guys and girls buy the game, but the diehard fans are women.

How did Kobayashi develop an action game series that appeals to women? That’s one of the points Siliconera touch on in our Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes interview.

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TotalPS3Fanboy2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Capcom have accidentally create an action game that women love.

The reasons are very easy to understand. The characters are truly manly man, and not your typical egotistic man on steroid, or your typical emo femine men.

The characters are virtuous, courageous, aggressive, and while at the same time, passionate and full of compassion. They're very powerful (almost God-like in the game) and women needs that kind of protection. They have drive and they strive for their ambitions. They are natural leaders who can pursue and command thousands of other man into battles.

They are the very definition of the type of man woman secretly wants, but never admits to. This is why woman love this game so much, it's because they love the characters, not the gameplay. It's also why they love the anime version so much too.

Titanz2898d ago

And story is also important because women "love" to read(not "text only" gameplay, in general, women love to read!).