Activision announces 11 new Guitar Hero III songs

Activision officially confirmed a bunch of songs that we knew were coming from Guitar Hero III and surprised us with a couple more. These include songs from artists like AFI, Iron Maiden, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slayer and the Strokes.

See the full list of 24 GHIII songs after the break.

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drunkpandas3950d ago

Gotta love some more Sabbath songs! Paranoid is awesome!

Miss Murder by AFI should be pretty fun to play too

SwiderMan3950d ago

It's nice to see the master tracks for a lot of these songs. But, it's funny that a lot of the older bands (I'm a fan of classic rock) just don't "get it."

PS360PCROCKS3950d ago

Nice!! They finally added some more punk rock songs with AFI. But why is it Miss Murder!? Seriously could you have picked a more radio friendly song that shows NOTHING about how the band truly is? I would love to see more stuff like my chemical romance, Taking Back Sunday, red jumpsuit, Papa roach...things along that nature, along with alot of what they have added with the classic rock. and will someone PLEASE bring me some Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix!? Also I am confused why they have never thought to add a cult classic band such as Green Day?

SwiderMan3950d ago

Legends of Rock definitely calls for a little Clapton. I'm surprised that there are so many classic rockers missing like Steve "Guitar" Miller. I mean, The Steve Miller Band is all about classic rock and he has Guitar in his name!

MACHone3950d ago

Yeah, you'd think with the brand being aimed mainly at teens, we'd see more recent hits. I'd kill for more My Chemical Romance. I'd also like to see some Thrice and Coheed and Cambria.

PS360PCROCKS3950d ago

Hell yeah Mach. That would be awesome! Coheed was sick at Warped Tour. Don't get me wrong I LOVE old school rock, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Hendrix and all the stuff they put on their. But sometimes they put some annoying ass screamer ozzfest sh!t and I hate that. I'd rather play songs I know.

TeaDouble_E3950d ago

What about Metalica's (Don't Tred On Me) track ? It better have that song .

SETBAK3950d ago

If this is a legends of rock tribute how about including Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Let's get to shreddin'!

JPomper3950d ago

Agreed! Let's get some Petrucci in here, too.

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The story is too old to be commented.