InstantAction CEO: Game retail 'headed for a disaster'

InstantAction CEO Louis Castle is a big fan of "the kind of big, complicated games that cost a lot of money to make," he says. But he left a job making just those kinds of games at EA's Los Angeles studio in order to focus on finding "a new way to get the money needed to make those games." Without such a solution, Castle says we're "headed for a disaster in the retail space."

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Darkstorn2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Just get the government to regulate how much money publishers can make off a single video game title. If the publisher's profit is significantly limited while games retain their recommended prices, then developers get more money, time, and resources to make their games. Sure, the CEOs won't be getting tens of millions in bonuses, but it's better for the consumer.

WildArmed2924d ago

oh I loved legions from
I used to play that in-between classes at UC. easy to load, and works on any computer :D