WTF!? iPad to overtake videogame consoles?

Yes, the Apple's iPad is proving to have more of a pressence within the videogame industry and with the Nintendo 3DS set to release next year, mobile gaming will have a huge stance in the gaming industry. However, does this mean that consoles will become the thing of the past?

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Cevapi882653d ago

rich white people.....GOD!!!
---i was saying that in Napoleon Dynamite's voice

Conloles2653d ago

The only thing the iPad will takeover is the minds of dumbasses who think its good and buy one.

D4RkNIKON2653d ago

@consoles.. There's nothing wrong with the iPad. The iPad is not part of the console race by any means, but it does so much more than game. It actually does much more than any console can do in terms of applications.

qface642653d ago

"mobile gaming"
this massive over sized ipod is considered a mobile?

please now come talk about over taking consoles when you have actual games made for it

Bigpappy2653d ago

Hand helds will never replace consoles. Ipad + Iphone have to complete with DS and PSP. Who approves junk like this anyway?

ThanatosDMC2653d ago

I read that article that the author is talking about... that was BS.

thereapersson2653d ago

It still doesn't run flash... something even the PS3 does.

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Dylantalon12653d ago

TVs to overtake PCs. it seems like television sets have a bigger presence than PCs

Darkstorn2653d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic...

tunaks12653d ago

before they try to do that they should probably gets some more games compatible with OSX

peyote2653d ago

Hmm, sell shares in that idiot's company as soon as possible.

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The story is too old to be commented.