Five Things Hardcore Gamers Need to Get Over

When it comes right down to it, I can’t say from my perspective that I have seen more complaining from the gaming community as a whole as I have in the current console generation. Even moreso, though I generally can see where most people are coming from in their complaints, there are many of them that exist that are simply resistance to change, as if every gamer has suddenly become Rush Limbaugh. So, for this week’s Tuesdaily List, I’ve compiled what I believe to be the top five things that the Hardcore Gamers need to simply get over.

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MaxXAttaxX3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"Casual games aren't going anywhere"
- Umm ok, not like we saw them going anywhere in the first place.

"Halo is popular..."
- Yes, it is popular, no one's denying that. But being popular doesn't mean it's one of the best.
Halo 2 was indeed one of the best. With Halo 3 I was expecting a next-gen Halo and didn't get it. It's great because Halo 2 was great. Aside from that, nothing new, except for a couple features and new weapons. Sometimes people act as if every 360 owner plays or have bought Halo 3. Reach is what 3 should have been.

"Motion Controls have an audience"
- Of course they do, no one's denying this.

"There’s nothing wrong with the FPS format"
- The only problem is the overdone war shooters based around WWII or present time.

Valay3078d ago

"Casual games aren’t going anywhere" - that's definitely a fact. Just look at Wii Party's sales in Japan.

Ziriux3078d ago

Yea Japan is got it going with casual. As long as that is going great, it'll stick around.