In Brazil, users can break the DRM

Brazil has just created the best-ever implementation of WCT. In Brazil's version of the law, you can break DRM without breaking the law, provided you're not also committing a copyright violation. And what's more, any rightsholder who adds a DRM that restricts things that are allowed by Brazilian copyright laws ("fair dealing" or "fair use") faces a fine.

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ingiomar3076d ago

in soviet russia DRM breaks you

sunnygrg3076d ago

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I assume many clicked on the news just for that ;)


captain-obvious3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

"I assume many clicked on the news just for that"
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@ ingiomar
maybe you should take some geography classes

anyway on topic
this is good news
i hope someday it goes world wide

Spenok3075d ago

Lol bubbles for helpful xD

Darkstorn3076d ago

I think it will be harder than the author thinks to break DRM without committing a copyright violation.

George Sears3076d ago

Mmmm Brazilian women......

G4drake3075d ago

what i can say, sometimes i am proud of my country XD

comp_ali3075d ago

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HeroXIV3075d ago

Actually I got the article, originally, from here :

But it's against submission rules to not link to the original source. This is actually a blog and the full article had no image. So I combined a bit of both articles.

Don't care about degress. Check my submissions if possible. I joined this site 2 or 3 days ago.

comp_ali3075d ago

okay man. I only said this because there are some people here who belive in "sex sells"

btw , you can use credit url for the page you originaly found the news/article

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The story is too old to be commented.