Raimi's Oz to Roll Cameras on June 2011 not Warcraft

Warcraft film fans will be disappointed to hear Production Weekly posted in twitter that Oz, The Great and Powerful is rolling cameras on June 2011. Apparently, Sam Raimi liked the script so much he is going to direct it.

What this means for the Warcraft film is production won't start at least nearing 2012 or beyond.

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syrinx3077d ago

Damn, where is the WoW movie!

Xulfxulf3077d ago

he seems less than dedicated to getting to teh wow movie. He'll wait long enough that no one's playing anymore and move on? curse of fantasy film properties?

Holyknight30003077d ago

sigh and here we were hoping with all of his enthusiasm that he would take it on and make a great movie out of it.

Medievaldragon3077d ago

Would have been nice if Warcraft film was dated 2011. Now it's uncertain. Will it be 2012? 2013? 2015?