Heavenly Sword hands-on preview with Ninja Theory's sexy redhead

Even the most seasoned gigolo will tell you to stay away from red heads. Fiery, adventurous and always looking for trouble, they'll take you on a wild ride throughout life's seedy underbelly. When it comes to Nariko, the crimson haired vixen in Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 adventure, Heavenly Sword, the trip involves cutting through waves of enemy soldiers en route to a climactic duel with a lizard woman/Masters of the Universe reject named Whiptail, a well-endowed spitfire that drowns her victims for kicks.

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TeaDouble_E3950d ago

This video is way to old , everybody already saw this .

TnS3950d ago

Sorry about that old MGS 4 video. It was tipped and I thought it is not old.

MK_Red3950d ago

Sorry, my bad. I thought the video and thought the commentary was new.

You what the funny thing is? The Heavenly Sword Preview by GD was also my tip from a few days ago!

TnS3950d ago

No problem. I have also forgotten this video. :)

MK_Red3950d ago

While both Nariko and the game are really hot, it is Kai (Her sister) that has really gotten into my mind. She is incredibly crazy, sexy and awesome. Cant wait for the final game.

Violater3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Have best to keep your eyes of Kai. lol

s8anicslayer3950d ago

she reminds me of xena warrior princess!

OutLaw3950d ago

I have full payment on this game and now I have to wait a extra week here in the States to play it.

PS3rd place3950d ago

You get to witness the most groundbreaking game EVER!!!

This game has more action than any other game out there!!!!!!!!


facundo3950d ago

Does every game have to have multiplayer and be open world to be good? As long as the game plays well, I don't care how linear it is. I mean, I loved Oblivion, and GTA 3 was cool, but sometimes that open world stuff distracts the hell out of me. I can't even do the main mission, maybe it's my ADD or whatever, but don't knock Heavenly Sword just because it doesn't have these feature. It seems like the games are following a similar format. Let the developers do their things, take risks now and then. This game seems to be a break from many games out there now. Its definitely a 1st day purchase for me. Looks like the first real big game for the PS3!