Move My Ass (Or, Do PS3 Owners Really Want Motion Controls?)

Justin Klugh of PS3node takes a look at the Playstation Move and asks himself if the Playstation Move will make a big splash with PS3 owners or if it will be another niche product like the Playstation Eye.

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deadreckoning6662900d ago

Some do, some don't. Why the generalization?

Joule2900d ago

Yeah, I'm sure not all 360 owners are going to buy Kinect but some are.Same with Playstation.

Nitrowolf22900d ago

don't even bother with him

NecrumSlavery2900d ago

I really want to play Sorcery with Move. It just looks like fun to me. But I was sold from the tech demos. One of my favorite demos is using one controller as the eyes in first person and the other as the hand, like reaching into 3D space and moving objects, to include steaming video windows. If you have this months Qore check it all out. It's really cool and works great. No actors at all.

ThanatosDMC2900d ago

I really want to play the fighting games but i'll have to spend $100 for two moves plus how much the game i want will be. It'd be worth it if im sweating and burning up calories though...

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RatFuker2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

yup i want the move.

ActionBastard2900d ago

If you're a PlayStation 3 gamer like Green, shoot yourself in the fucking head.

tinybigman2900d ago

it makes sense for me because they are using it in core games that i want to play.

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tiamat52900d ago

Move your @$$? I am not sure I am comfortable doing that with you Justin. Anyway since Sony console owners are used to playing both casual and hardcore games, I don't see why it's so hard to believe that we would want it.

Bigpappy2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

"Sony console owners are used to playing both casual and hardcore games". Are you sure? Because if I said that on N4G about PS3 or 360, I would get all disagrees.

I am sure most of you want the motion. But where are you ordering it from. Do you expect Sony to have enough at launch or are most of you waiting for next year to get it?

TheTeam062900d ago

That would depend on what the games play like. I hear the Move controls well, but I have yet to get my hands on it.

ExplosionSauce2900d ago

Move is proven to work with almost any type of game. Ranging from exclusives to multiplatform games of varied genres.
A lot of it being due to the fact that it's an actual control+camera.
Kinect won't be able to do all that because it's just a camera.

Philaroni2900d ago

I plan to get it when I can, some of the games coming out like the new echochrome are a must play for me and move is the best solution for those games. Since I have the Eyecam move is very cheep for me.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Move is for everyone, for all type of Audience and Ages, Sitted in your couch or Stand, for sure, Shovelware and Casual Games to Hardcore and Mature Games:

Move it!

Jeff2572900d ago

I plan on getting Move on day one. I probably wont get all the launch games but there are enough for my family to play using it. Also I like a lot of the more core games that will be utilizing it as well. With Move added into the PS3 arsenal the future is looking very bright.

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The story is too old to be commented.