PS3 80GB sales increase 5,685% at Amazon

Sales for Sony Corp.'s new 80GB Playstation 3 model increased 5,685 percent on Thurs. morning as began pre-sales for the product.

The new 80GB model will include a copy of the online racing title MotorStorm and retail for $599.99.

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sticky doja3559d ago

"The latest Playstation has sold 4.3 million units in the U.S. to date." I have never seen a number that high.

eLiNeS3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Why not buy the 20GB and put a larger drive in it yourself? Whats the largest drive that could be replaced in the PS3?

How to Swap Out and Upgrade a PS3 Hard Drive

uxo223558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Can you actually have sales increases on a product that have not been released. Or are they saying that Pre-Orders have increased by that number. I'm confused!

And if the pre-orders have increased, then if there were preorders for 1,000 units then now there are pre-orders for 56,850. Wow, over what period of time would this cover?

I don't know, sounds like someone is being careless with numbers. Also what's wrong with the jump button.

sticky doja3558d ago

Does that just mean that 5,685 people have preordered it?

Torch3558d ago

I was gonna say... ;)

hongthay3558d ago

hmm, I was thinking the same thing. Except it would something like 56.85 people, since 100% = 1. Besides, if they just started pre-orders, that means, they had 0 preorders before. You can't have a percentage increase on 0, it would still be 0. Oh, well. Guess I am overthinking the math. But it is good to see that it is popular. Although, they should have bought the 60gb for 500, a copy of Motorstorm for 60, and put in a 250 gb hard drive for another 150.

Odion3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Jump are morons, its worldwide sales, and it went from like 5624 to 178.

thats its postion now

ReconHope3558d ago

and by the way deep put the story about xbox30 hddvd player rising over 1000% and he's a "sonyfanboy" or whatever people call us. You need to get over it and stop reporting these type of stories...

Violater3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Deep is a Sony fanboy?
somehow I don' think he will like that. lol
sorry buddy :)

And yea I think that 4+ million is worldwide.

Odion3558d ago

i would have flagged the HD-DvD one if i saw it, I hate ALL the Amazon news posts, they just start flamewars, and don't protray the sales of the system at all.

ReconHope3558d ago

that because that's what people call people like me and him. by the way i finally got to play with him in rfom and he's actually not that bad..he needs some practice on ranked games though.

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Snake_Doctor3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Sticky, that has to be a typo -either 4.3 m worldwide or 2.3 mill US (and that is probably inflated)

btw: whats up with the title? why not just say amazon takes pre-sales for the 80GB?

Edit: late

emogen3558d ago

...but that can't be right. I mean 4.3 mil sounds like more of a worldwide sales number rather than just the U.S.

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The story is too old to be commented.