Killzone2 :Beyond the Eye Candy, a gameplay analysis

There has been a lot of hype over Killzone 2 since the new E3 trailer came out, but despite all the hoopla, not even any of the journalists who were at E3 seem be capable of saying one measly thing about what the developers are doing with gameplay or what new features and mechanics are in store for the game. Instead, practically every single preview of Killzone 2 out there consists of just a visual description of the cut scenes.

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drtysouf213789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

They are the same site that tried to downplay Metal Gear Solid 4 here

and now they are trying to downplay Killzone 2.

How do you analyze how a game plays when you have not played it?

If they did some research they could have gotten game play impressions
from here.

I can't say Killzone 2 will be a great game to play because i have not played it but i can't say it won't be either.

Maddens Raiders3789d ago

-- "but despite all the hoopla, not even any of the journalists who were at E3 seem be capable of saying one measly thing about what the developers are doing with gameplay or what new features and mechanics are in store for the game." --

....all in all I figure N'Gai, Keighley, and Sessler were all high or just plain lying. Damn, foiled again. [massive sarcasm]


GnaM3789d ago

Also, IGN had hands-on impressions as well. It's regrettable that those articles were not spotted, but the point was that by simply having some experience with the previous game and paying attention to anything shown in the trailers beyond the cut scenes, important features of the game can be pointed out. Every mainstream gaming site should have been able to do this, and yet you had previews that essentially just said "at least the graphic are real this time, lol".

VirusE3789d ago

Good question, ask all of the halo 3 haters.

okcomputer3789d ago

Point taken, but the halo analogy doesn't really apply. Halo had a beta release that gave players a taste of the gameplay. There are also tons of vids out there that show plenty of halo 3 gameplay. Same can't be said for killzone 2. To try to "analyze" the gameplay in killzone based on that short presentation at e3 is downright idiotic.

SWORDF1SH3789d ago

what the f**k is this s**t. people only talk about gameplay graphics coz thats all theyve seen. there is no playable demo. all this point out is about the aiming system and the headshots. this is bs. this report also sounds like its from a fanboy that is p*ssed off that killzone is getting so much attention. why as this made it on n4g????

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smart_head3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I agree with you drtysouf21.

Loudninja3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

It was not good at all . all they did was complain how it was nto like this game or that game

Elginer3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

does it state the game play won't be good in any of that? It simply analyzes what the writer saw from game play on the video VS what was in the original. Which he seems to have a good grip on. At least better than most I've read about... *shrug*

DrPirate3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Sorry, the writer's condescending attitude to every other article writen about this game nullifies it's worth. Try not exhibiting such a manic display of hubris please? No one appreciates it.

"So, since no one else seems capable of giving a proper analysis and report on what we've seen of Killzone 2 so far, I'll just have to do it myself, damn it!"

Guess the people that actually played it and gave impressions aren't good enough for you, you piece of sh*t.

Edit: Teadouble, correct, N'Gai gave his first hand gameplay accounts. This writer completely ignored the first person cover system, the way the environment breaks and deforms and plenty of other things. Seriously, I don't know if this game will suck, or be great, but I do think this article is rediculous.

Edit2: This just in, person who disagreed with me needs to throw themself down a well.

GnaM3789d ago

The point was that despite the fact that every major mainstream gaming website is hyping Killzone 2 as one of the top titles on PS3, and all of them saw the trailer and reported it, the majority couldn't even be bothered to say anything about it besides "it looks good" ie; 1up and Gamespot. The total disregard this shows for the importance of gameplay in making a good game is alarming.

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