Is Steam Good For PC Gaming?

Mark Withers from Platform Nation asks the question; Is Steam Good For PC Gaming?. "Let’s face it, when Half Life 2 was released and required installation of a program called Steam, the gaming world exploded with rage. Every man and his dog was shouting from the roof tops that this was an outrageous move by Valve." -from the editorial.

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HolyOrangeCows2902d ago

As far as I'm concerned, the way Steam operates, it's another form of DRM.

And any form of DRM is detrimental.

Pandamobile2902d ago

Steam was designed as a DRM, so yeah, it's a DRM.

But the thing that differentiates Steam from shit like Ubisoft's RetarDRM and SecuROM is that it doesn't buttfuck the legitimate customers with install limits and needing an internet connection to play a single-player game.

Genesis52902d ago

It's good for my wallet.

BrokenAnarchy2902d ago

Haha it is opposite for me, it is horrible for my wallet. Especially during the sales =P

dirthurts2902d ago

I totally agree.
Once you buy it, you can't sell it...
So the end result is limiting your power as a buyer. This is as bad or worse than drm in my opinion.
This is why I will NEVER buy games via download, unless I absolutely have to. If I can't sell it, I don't own it.
If it's the price of a rental I'll but it...but rarely any other time.

evrfighter2902d ago

"Once you buy it, you can't sell it... "

oh darn and I was so hoping to make a killing off Bioshock/GTA4/Tf2/RE5/SF4/L4d2 /Assassin's Creed

all of which I bought for less than $10...

Conloles2902d ago

HolyOrangeCows we know you only game on PS3 so nice try to get back at me,


ThanatosDMC2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

I disagree about not being able to sell steam games. A guy on ebay sold his account remember? It was on N4G. He had 100+ games and sold it for $1000.

Pfft... i have more games and spent more on steam.

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JsonHenry2902d ago

Good for PC gaming? I don't know about that but it is sure as hell good for me!

peowpeow2902d ago

Retail *AUS* store, Transformers is $109.95

Log into steam, $39.99

Steam saved my wallet from near death :D

Hububla2902d ago

Steam is the best thing to happen to pc gaming... I cant count how many times i bought the original starcraft because of losing or scratching disks now i dont worry about that stuff... i cant imagine sitting to a stack of 100 or more cases from the pc games i got on steam.. and steam has RETARDED sales.. the 4th of July sale was unreal! every THQ game ever made EVER for like under 100$ YOU SAVED LIKE 380$! on top of countless other packeges from other devs.. STEAM IS AWSOME !

NegativeCreepWA2902d ago

THQ pack for $50.00 thats reason enough for me to love Steam.

catguykyou2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I spent 100$ on 22 games during their summer sales. I'd say it's good.

Some of them included metro 2033, bioshock 2, gta4 plus expansions, tropica 3, 2 copies of left 4 dead 2, 2 copies of borderlands, max Payne 1 & 2, portal, their 3, defcom, shatter, darwinia, multiwinia, world of goo, and that puzzle game that looks like a silent film braid with pie plus a few more I can't remember.

I do want to say I hate when I have to run a game with steam up and windows live at the same time. Annoying and uses pointless system resources.

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2902d ago
saint_john_paul_ii2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )


EDIT: Disagreer, please respond as to why you disagree.

JsonHenry2902d ago

Why do you care if someone on the internet disagrees with you?

Console fans come in and rape us PC fans routinely on this site. You might as well get used to missing bubbles and disagrees for seemingly no reason.

Garnett2902d ago

Now you know how 360 fans feel.

Everything pro 360 is always disagreed and bubbled down, while everything Anti 360/Pro PS3 is always agreed and + bubbles.

evrfighter2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Disagreed because steam is more holier than the pope.

Baby Jesus would agree With me

Spenok2902d ago

Agreed, Though i may put more of my gaming into my consoles. Steam is Great for PC.

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Esena2902d ago

10+ QUALITY games for less than the price of a full retail game...Well...I'd say so!