Top 10: Greatest video game characters of all-time

The characters of a video game possess a great importance to the player’s connection to the story and plot that unfolds. The success of many video games is often arguably down to the iconic status of some characters.

Keeping with the top 10 theme following is a countdown of the top 10: greatest video game characters of all-time, taking into account their critical, commercial and revolutionary success.

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PoSTedUP3075d ago

toejam and earl.
lara croft
crash bandicoot
sack boy
earth worm jim

Darkstorn3075d ago

Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Big Boss, Big Mama, The Boss, etc.

PoSTedUP3075d ago

ah i forgot about snake (funny because i just started playing MGS4 again and i JUST played the peace walker demo) lol.

brazilianbumpincher3075d ago

somewhere along with guile or ken

Davoh3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

The Tetris line piece should be in every top list of characters, never in any game does a gamer feel so much joy and relief than when they see a line piece is next. Best inanimate character in the world.

Saying that, the companion cube should also be on that list - every great character is an inanimate character.

pipster173075d ago


Inanimate objects are awesome, don't forget the BFG 9000 from Doom and exploding barrels in any game that allows you to destroy them and kill 5+ enemies at once.

Spenok3075d ago

Yea i would have to say Snake is easily one of the best.

Nugundam00793075d ago

Just the Boss and Big Boss

Commander_TK3075d ago

U guys remember Alex Kidd? Awesome kid.

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Brewski0073075d ago

Ahhhh toejam & earl !! So amazing. (well the first game...dont know where they were going with the second "planet funkatron") Someday i hope that games resurrected properly.

WildArmed3075d ago

It was the first character to be a CHARACTER..
w/o Mario we wouldn't have games with characters in them, we'd still be playing Tetris-like games ^^
I'm not a fan of mario (I'm sure my comment history says so), But I do respect the franchise.. (even though it's out of control!)

And I'd put Link from Zelda.. one of the best characters from the N64 gen and before.

And ofcourse, the MGS cast.. namely the Snakes :D

PoSTedUP3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

DK came before mario and im very much sure he was a character.

glad to see fans of the game brewskii! it was the first game i ever played when i was like 4 yrs old. i loved it it was so much fun and remember most of it till this day. man i need to buy an old used sega for that game.

WildArmed3075d ago

Actually, DK and Mario were in the same Game.. but Mario was the playable character.
I remember watching a video game docmentary that said just that.
and with a min worth of searching, here some links:

PoSTedUP3075d ago

jumpman was later known as mario, yes. but mario wasn't the first character, not even the first to become popular actually, pac man came out before DK and jumpman and im sure there were other characters invented b4 that that just werent popular. i respect mario though he has done a lot.

otherZinc3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

no Master Chief is foolish & hilarious at the same time.

Foolish because its obvious the author is trying to avoid him.

& hilarious because The Master Chief is the 2nd most recognizable character on that list to Mario & the only video game character in the Famed Madam Tussuads Wax Museum in Las Vegas, one of only 7 in the world.

WildArmed3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Actually, if you look at iconic characters, most of them were developed a few gens ago.
Master Chief, Sackboy, Nathan Drake, imo are too 'fresh' to be Great.
It's when their time passes.. and you STILL remember them..
That's when they become great.

It's not a big deal say.. we are talking about President Obama or Bush.. but it is a big deal to be still talking about Alexander The Great. For he is remembered waay past his time.
Same goes for the characters like toejam & earl.
but this is just my opinion.
It's easy to call Kratos or Eathan Mars (really now?) to be the greatest video game character when the games came out not even 6 months ago.

But say a character from Contra (c'mon! I know most of you know about this game), Terra (Final Fantasy 6 anyone?) or Streets Of Rage (HELL YES) is still in your mind, that makes it great.. IMO.
Something more memorable than console generations.. so what these were 16-bit games and characters. Most of them were more 'alive' than most of the gaming characters this gen.

Shepherd 2143074d ago

Id say that after nine years of existence, the Master Chief deserves a place on the list.

But i dont like this list save for a few exceptions. I liked how they put a twist in and included the Arbiter instead of Master Chief. Keith David is an amazing voice actor and the Arbiter was a great character.

Solid Snake also deserves a high spot on the list, but where the hell is Gordon Freeman?

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deanobi3075d ago

I would like more revolutionary characters with deep stories :]

003075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )


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wissam3075d ago

My Kratos Deserves to be at 6 IMO. old snake and cloud are also my favorite.

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