E3 2010 Publisher Recap #3: 2K Games


"On to our ‘Third E3 2010 Publisher Recap’, which catalogs our thoughts and impressions on the games we saw from each publisher.

This isn’t a list of specs or features, but rather exactly what we thought of each hands-on or behind-closed-doors media showing we attended to give you an insight to exactly what we felt about each game behind the media hype and PR talk."

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BadCircuit3076d ago

I wish that Civilization V was on the Xbox 360 because Civilization Revolution was really good in my opinion.
Civilization V is the only game that I like from the new announcements from 2K games. Nothing else really grabs my attention.

gaminoz3076d ago

There aren't too many strategy games that work on consoles very well but Civ Rev with its turn based approach was a gem.

I'd love to see an Anno come to consoles other than Wii and DS.

REALgamer3076d ago

So many hours put into Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery)...

It all comes back to the controller issue. Civ Rev was reworked from traditional Civs to be suited to a console controller. I doubt Cov V could be ported in its current form without the controls just being an exercise in frustration.

Godem3076d ago

Imo i liked the slightly dumbed down Civ Rev, It was an awesome game to just chill out with for hours.

Although multiplayer was difficult due to how long a game lasted.

BadCircuit3076d ago

Very true there! I once played all day against my father! We got nothing done!

gaminoz3076d ago

Special Ops originally had me groan: another modern/near future shooter with destroyed modern buildings and skyscrapers (even if in Dubai). Yawn.

But the sand physics described in the article could indeed make it more interesting...if they work.

XboxOZ3603076d ago

I'm a bit the same actually, but I still enjoy any FPS war -sim they put out, and take each game on it's 'own' merits.

That aside, I was very very impressed with the physics of the Special ops: The Line when it was shown off at E3.

It certainly turned my head, and my attention from Hmmm, another one - no probs . . . to . . . koooolll, this has just shot up the Must-have-list" sort of thing.

So I'm with you on that one.

In fact, both Homefront, Call Of Duty: Black Ops and this, have done things slightly different, and it will; be good to see how they stack up against each other come release time.

BadCircuit3076d ago

Don't forget MOH. Just too many of these without much distinguishing them imo. I remember playing COD2 on 360 when it first came out and saw the dust in multiplayer swirling was sooo cool.

Hopefully Special Ops' sand is even more of a factor.