Capcom's Comic-Con 2010 lineup (new game from Inafune reconfirmed)

San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner and Capcom is going to be there in full force.

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NikoleSmash2900d ago

I hope they show off more SF4 3D!

Valay2900d ago

As much as I'd like for that to happen, I don't think it will. Unless I'm forgetting, I don't even think it was playable or really shown at E3 (not counting screenshots).

Valay2900d ago

I'm starting to wonder if Ono's announcement is the same one as Inafune's. Either way, we'll hear about at least one new title from Capcom.

Cajun Chicken2900d ago

So, no more Powerstone rumours then. This sucks. Just as I was getting excited.

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