High Expectations for Medal of Honor

Issues that should concern EA if they expect Medal of Honor to stand out as the anticipated reboot rather then a Modern Warfare-clone.

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Cevapi882897d ago

its got a long way to go...i hope they are taking the feedback from the beta and working hard to make the game more it will need to do something different to distance itself from other modern war shooters....even if EA does everything to make a good game, it will still be called a poor man's CoD by fanboys

pangitkqb2897d ago

@ Jason & HOSe. I found the beta to be very enjoyable- but to each their own. Moving on, there is a serious need for polish, but I see true potential in a style of play combining the strengths from both BBC2 and MW2. They will need to make sure the title stands separately, but it has potential.

evrfighter2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

they really should push for a delay. I've got it pre-ordered and wouldn't mind it. Personally I think DICE just has too much on their plate. SP I'm sure will be fine.

dragonelite2896d ago

i would say delay that bitch from what i heard its like dice took the bad stuff of BC2 and mw2 put them unto a blender and said its enough for today lets finish up BC2:Nam which i find more interesting.

takohma2896d ago

I'm not bustin your balls but how is it going to be called a poor man's CoD? Is it going to be cheaper? Are you implying that I don't have to hand out $60 plus on this? If so then I'm sold already lol. But on topic I havn't played the beta but the vids I seen on it look pretty good.

IncredibleGames2896d ago

calling something "a poor man's...." has nothing to do with the price but morso the quality of play.

Jason1432897d ago

ya its a long ways from polished and it felt off for me. With all the multi tiers on the city map it turned into a snipe fest and was dreadfully boring. I think they simply missed the mark. I spent a good 13hrs on the beta and the last few hrs I really forced myself to play. I hope they can pull off a miracle but doubt it :(

HOSe2897d ago

really? cuz the beta blowz

BeaArthur2896d ago

I wouldn't say blows, but it's pretty underwhelming.

babis19742897d ago

i hope it's not going to out in the market as it is because it will be a failure.i believe E.A. can do better than this.if they want to make a difference they must work hard because black ops is coming

crematory2897d ago

but i see u point , sadly dice could do better than this ,and I'm afraid they are too late

-week animation, decent graphics
-dull gameplay
-very close to bfbc2 gameplay with small mabs
-broken hit detection or massive lag i dont know!

dice bring battlefield 3 please

lazysey2897d ago

looks photo-realistic. Everything looks like a cartoon simulation and the infinite sprint surely bothers me knowing that people complain about it in Modern Warfare 2 and not MOH Beta. Modern Warfare 2 FTW suckas!

PopEmUp2896d ago

said someone who have the modernGlitchFare avatar :D

lazysey2896d ago

Sure there was SEVERAL glitches, but they patched most of them months ago. There is still the usual LAG SWITCH but thats like any other game that uses P2P. But you would'nt know because you traded your game to GAMESTOP the next day so you could get Super Princess Peach for DS.

And its Modern Campfare good sir.

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The story is too old to be commented.